The Flinders University website uses standard templates and stylesheets to achieve the look and feel of the Flinders University brand.

Access to these templates and to author and publish websites is through the Content Management System (CMS).

Template style guides

Web Style Guide

The  Web Style Guide (PDF 1MB) provides a comprehensive overview of all the Flinders web templates, available features and guidelines to be followed for web applications using the templates.

Content template guide

The web content template guide outlines the content templates that most web authors will use in the CMS, and the components of those templates.

Does the web style guide apply to all Flinders University sites?

The web style guide applies to all sites that represent internal wholly-owned Flinders University ‘branded house areas’ (ie Faculties, Administration areas and Centres and Institutes), as defined in the Flinders University Style Guide.

Variations to the standard templates and stylesheets apply to co-brands (that use the CMS) and in specific instances based on the approval of the Marketing and Communications Office. In these instances, the underlying structures apply.