Although you may not see them in the newspaper, there are always jobs around Australia in archaeology.

Most are in the area of cultural heritage management or contract (also called consultancy) archaeology. This involves the assessment of the impacts of development on archaeological sites and can require skills in site survey and excavation, as well as report writing and negotiation. Cultural heritage management positions are readily available in all major cities around Australia and particularly in states with an active mining industry, such as Western Australia.

To work as a professional archaeologist in Australia you need to have studied a fourth year (either Honours or a graduate diploma) on top of a three year Bachelor's degree.

Students seeking a career as an academic need a PhD postgraduate degree. Admission to a post-graduate MA or PhD normally requires a First Class or IIA Honours degree, or an HD in a Masters by coursework.

To find out more about a career as an archaeologist, see the Flinders Graduate Careers website.