Riggs, Kate
The Role of Cultural Memory in Human/Environmental Interactions in the Gulf of Carpentaria

Stevens, Brenton
Under the Radar (PDF 8MB)


Mollenmans, Adrian
An Analysis of Narungga Fish Traps on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Winter, Holly
Southern Levantine Palaces of the Middle and Late Bronze Age: Identification and Function Using Archaeological Evidence


England, Todd
How do Biological and Cultural Processes Contribute to the Morphological Variability Observed in Australian Crania During the Late Pleistocene – Early Holocene?

Schill, Cassandra
Indigenous Ecological Values and Cultural Heritage Management: A Case Study from Weipa, Cape York Peninsula

Wheeler, Isabel
Community Archaeology as a Mechanism for Social Change: A Case Study from Weipa, Cape York Peninsula


Bland, Catherine
A Functional and Technological Analysis of the Stone Artefacts from Ngaut Ngaut (Devon Downs), South Australia

Hutchinson, Sarah
Them Bones, Them Bones: A Technological and Functional Analysis of the Bone Tools from Ngaut Ngaut (Devon Downs), South Australia

Ralph, Jordan
Convenient Canvasses. An Archaeology of Social Identity and Contemporary Graffiti in Jawoyn Country, Northern Territory, Australia  (PDF 4MB)

Slizankiewicz, Michael
Footfirst: A Study of Regional Variation in Anthropomorphs in Jawoyn Country

Tisdall, Trevor
The Yoke of Colonialism: The Relationship between Tarby Mason and Norman Tindale


Coxhill, Phyllis
Small Inland Water Craft of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century: Early Public Transport or a Voyage of Discovery? (PDF 6MB)

Fowler, Madeline
Giving a Name to a Place: Shipwrecks in Port MacDonnell, South Australia (PDF 4MB)


Hayward, John
Toolkits and Utility in Australian Lithics: A Comparison of a Comprehensive Woodworking Kit and Discard Assemblages.  (PDF 2MB)

Pitman, Heidi Tess
Pointless Spinifex: An Investigation of Indigenous Use of Spinifex Throughout Australia. (PDF 6MB)


Disspain, Morgan Carol Faith
Using Archaeological Otoliths to Determine Paleoenvironmental Change and Ngarrindjeri Resource Use in the Coorong and Lower Murray, South Australia (Available upon application)

Hay, Alan
Economic Time, Technological Space: A Spatial Analysis of Capitalism at the Phoenix Foundry, 1847-1928 (PDF 3MB)

Keys, Benjamin Owen
Engrained in the Past: Using Geoarchaeology to Understand Site Formation Processes at the Gledswood Shelter 1 Site, Northwest Queensland (PDF 3MB)

Montana Jones, Susanne
The Anatomy of a Relationship: Doing Archaeology with an Indigenous Community on a Former Mission – A Case Study at Point Pearce, South Australia (PDF 1MB)

Ratican, Claire Felicity
To See with New Eyes: A Phenomenological Investigation of a Contact Landscape at the Weipa Mission, North-Western Cape York Peninsula, Queensland (PDF 4MB)

St. George, Claire Louise
Investigating Subsistence Strategies in Ngarrindjeri Ruwe through a Study of Mid-to Late Holocene Aged Shell Middens, Long Point, South Australia (Available upon application)

Wade, Victoria Louise
Style, Space and Social Interaction: An Analysis of the Rock-Art on Middle Park Station, Northwest Queensland (PDF 4MB)


Bateman, James
From the Camera Lucida to the Kodak Box  (PDF 405KB)

Beric, Marica
Gentility at the Beresford Arms Hotel 1839-1861  (PDF 4MB)

Marshallsay, Jonathan
The Section Drawing and Australian Archaeological Practice  (PDF 3MB)

Robertson, Debra Ann
What the Hell is Heritage?  (PDF 408KB)


Degner, Helen
'Silence of the Lambs': The Commemoration of Children in the Gravestones of 19th Century South Australia

Maharaj, Geetanjali 
The Role of Archaeology in Rock Art Conservation

Massey, Toni
Beyond Hell's Gate: An Investigation of Sarah Island's Convict Built Maritime Archaeological Remains

Meara, Tammy
Politics of the Dead: A Comparative Analysis of Current Heritage Legislation Within Southeastern Australia Regarding the Reburial of Repatriated Remains  (PDF 1MB)

Niland, Katrina
Understanding and Managing Old People's Burial Places in the Kurangk, South Australia: A Case Study From Hack's Point

Puletama, Daniel
It's Not What You Know, It's Zoo You Know: An Exploration of Humanness at the Adelaide Zoo


Baric, Diana
Unravelling Gender Constructs in Archaeology: Ngarrindjeri Archaeology, Fibre Culture and Masculinist Constructions  (PDF 635KB)

Beale, Alice
Analysis of a Ceramic Assemblage from a 19th Century Gold Field in Northwest Queensland  (PDF 3MB)

Gorke, Danielle
Determined to be Masters: An Analysis of the Built Environment of Kooringa, South Australia

Hean, Katherine
An Archaeological Investigation into the Methodist Churches of South Australia (PDF 10MB)

Litster, Mirani
The Potential Contribution of Archaeology to Australian Frontier Conflict Studies   (PDF 10MB)

Muller, Stephen
Colonial Experiences of Death and Burial: The Landscape Archaeology of West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide  (PDF 1MB)

Pendleton, Angharad 
Domestic Life on Australian Goldfields: A Study of the Glass Assemblage Collected from Woolgar Goldfield Township of Lower Camp  (PDF 13MB)

Prideaux, Faye
Beeswax Rockart and Sugarbag Dreaming: Today's Dreaming, Yesterday's Rock Art. Part 1 (PDF 6MB) Part 2 (PDF 6MB)  

Smith, Andrea
The Maritime Cultural Landscape of Kangaroo Island, South Australia: A Study of Kingscote and West Bay  (PDF 4MB)

Wiltshire, Kelly D.
Unfinished Business: The Lower Murray Lakes Archaeological Study Within an Historical and Political Context  (PDF 784KB)


Cardillo, Melissa
Veni, Vidi, Vici: What is the Material Evidence for a Distinctive Italian Ethnicity in Twentieth Century South Australia as Reflected in Domestic Architecture?  (PDF 3MB)

Chisholm, Scott R.
Are You Where You Eat?: A Discussion and Application of the Theories and Methods Surrounding Geographic Mobility Studies

Damhuis, Stephen
Hand Stencils: A Key to Identifying Gender at Rock Art Sites

Liebelt, Belinda G.
Specimens and Stone Tools: Aboriginalism and Depictions of Indigenous Australians in Archaeological Textbooks  (PDF 3MB)

Paling, Natasha
An Assessment of Climate and Decomposition and their Effects on Techniques Used to Locate Graves  (PDF 481KB)

Stuart, Ellen R.
A Problem of Settlement: The Continuing Evolution of A Cultural Landscape - Cultural Landscape Change on the Willunga Plains from 1840  (PDF 14MB)

Wilson, Christopher
Return of the Ngarrindjeri: Repatriating Old People Back to Country

Wimmer, Martin
Archaeology of the Russian Scare: The Port Adelaide Torpedo Station  (PDF 6MB)

Yanner, Aaron J.
Landscape Reconstruction at Waterfall Gully: Sir Samuel Davenport's use of land in the late 1800s  (PDF 6MB)


Arthur, Deborah
The Social Meaning of Classical Style Public Architecture in Adelaide in the 19th Century (PDF 7MB)

Ash, Aidan
A Nice Place for a Harbour or is it? Investigating a Maritime Cultural Landscape: Port Willunga, South Australia (MAMS)

Benbow, Luke
A Study of Whalers' Diet on Thistle Island Shore-Based Whaling Station, Using Comparative Data from the Tasmanian site of Adventure Bay Shore-Based Whaling Station

Bender, Chris
Rock of Ages, Stonyfell Quarry: An Archaeological Investigation into Stonyfell Quarry's Contribution to a Changing South Australian Landscape  (PDF 8MB)

Candy, Rebekah
Investigation of Gracilisation at Roonka Flat, South Australia  (PDF 3MB)

Jenkins, Ruth
Fletcher's Slip: The Application of Multiple Perspectives Methodology in Historical Archaeology  (PDF 2MB)

Mullen, Dean
Probing Palauan Pots: Chemical and Petrographic Investigations of Archaeological Pottery Sherds from Palau, Western Micronesia  (PDF 1MB)

Ormsby, Tim
Kennewick Man Meets Lady Mungo: An International Look at Repatriation  (PDF 2MB)

Paterson, Adam
Understanding the Sleaford Bay Tryworks: An Interpretative Approach to the Industrial Archaeology of Shore-Based Whaling (MAMS)

Stone, Robert
To Save or Not to Save, That is the Question: What are the Economic Implications of Private Ownership of Heritage Listed Properties?  (PDF 2MB)

Williams, Andrea
Home on the Range: Living a Civilian Life in Woomera's Cold War Military Landscape  (PDF 2MB)


Cockburn, Theresa
Stable Isotopes and Residential Mobility in South Australia: Determining Residential Mobility Patterns of Ancient South Australian Aboriginal Populations Employing Multiple Isotope Analysis

Diplock, Michael
Does the Possible Existence of a Night Sky Totemic Geography Alter our Understandingof Indigenous Art?

Farrell, Zandria K.
Sacred to the Memory: An Archaeological Investigation into Emotion and Ideology within Two Regional Cemeteries ZandriaFarrell.pdf (PDF 3MB)   Mintaro Public Cemetery Plan (PDF 593KB)

Jenkins, Tiana
Public Archaeology Reality and Myth: A Case Study Looking at the Hawker Lagoon Excavation

Marshall, Brian
An Analysis of the Archaeological Findings of the Kangerung Cemetery and Ngarrindjeri Social Systems

Scholten, Rijan
Engraved Expressions: Interpretation of Convict Graffiti in New South Wales  (PDF 13MB)


James, Keryn
Wife or Slave? The Kidnapped Aboriginal Women Workers and Australian Sealing Slavery on Kangaroo Island and Bass Strait Islands: Using Landscape Archaeology to Search for Evidence of Pre-Settlement Lifeways during the Sealing Era 1802-1835 on Kangaroo Island, South Australia   (PDF 3MB) (PDF 10MB) (PDF 5MB) (PDF 10MB)

Welz, Aara
Fish Trap Placement: The Environmental and Cultural Influences in Fish Trap Placement along the Australian Coastline  (PDF 2MB)


Brett, Kirsten
Lenimbat Brom Jad Oldintaim en Tudei en Wek Bla Tumoro. A Community Education Approach: Towards a More Relevant Indigenous Archaeology

Carver, Greg
An Examination of Indigenous Australian Culturally Modified Trees in South Australia  (PDF 10MB)

Coombe, A. Richard
Plants: Indicators of Past Cultural Activity (PDF 8MB)

Firth, Kylie
Money for Jam: The Historical Archaeology of the Fullarton Jam Factory

Forrest, John
The Invisibility of Crews of Nineteenth Century Australian Shipping in Catalogued Collections of Artefacts from Provenanced Sites  (PDF 10MB)

Henderson, Kathryn 
Beyond the Label: Towards a Standard Labelling System for Hallstatt and La Tene Objects in British and European Museums  (PDF 3MB)

Langeluddecke, Christopher
Undervalued Animals: The Small Faunal Taphonomy and Zooarchaeology of Cape Du Couedic Rockshelter, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Tutty, Megan
Ideology, Function and Industrial Space: An Analysis of the Spatial Organization of Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Jam Factories  (PDF 3MB)

Wood, Ian
The Burra Smelting Works, South Australia: The Use of Select Criteria for Spatial Analysis and Interpretation


Barker, Jennifer
Towards an Archaeobotanical Reference Bank: A Pilot Study for the Construction of an Identification Tool for Macroscopic Plant Remains from Archaeological Deposits

Briggs, Susan
Blood in the Street: An Archaeological Examination of a Commercial Faunal Assemblage from Lot 8-12 Divett Street, Port Adelaide (PDF 12MB)

DiFazio, Bianca
Living on the Edge: An Exploration of Fringe Camp Occupation in Beltana, Flinders Ranges

Ford, Julie
The Use and Abuse of Jetties: State Government Control in the Construction and Maintenance of Jetties in South Australia

Griffin, Darren
"A Christian Village of South Australian Natives": A Critical Analysis of the Use of Space at Poonindie Mission, South Australia (PDF 30MB)

Lewczak, Christopher
Where Things May Lie: An Investigation into Artefact Patterning from Within a Coastal Marine Deposit, Holdfast Bay, South Australia. (PDF 2MB)

May, Sally
The Last Frontier? Acquiring the American-Australian Scientific Expedition Ethnographic Collection 1948 (PDF 10MB)

Matic, Ashley
"Shop, 3 Rooms, and Sheds" The History and Archaeology of 8-12 Divett Street, Port Adelaide

Polkinghorne, Martin
Banteay Srei - Cosmology and Khmer Architecture

Stankowski, Katrina
Southern Seric Sights: An Analysis of Chinese Archaeological Sites from Colonial Australia Using Feng Shui