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What is cultural heritage management? answer

What kind of field experience does the Archaeology Department offer students? answer

Getting a Job in Archaeology

Are there any jobs in archaeology? answer

What kind of job can I get? answer

How do I get a job in archaeology? answer

Further Study in Archaeology

How do I get a PhD? answer

How do I get into Honours? answer

How do I get into the Maritime Archaeology Program, Master of CHM or the Master of Archaeology program? answer

Where can I find the application to apply to the graduate programs? answer

Can I apply to a graduate program if I don't have a degree in archaeology? answer

I don't live in Adelaide.  Can I study by distance learning? answer

What are the student fees for the graduate programs? answer

Do I need to know what field of study or research project I would like to conduct in order to apply for the graduate programs? answer

Should I turn in letters of recommendation or reference with my application for graduate study? answer

I'm Interested, But ...

Can I get work experience in the department? answer

Can I volunteer for an archaeological dig? answer

I've found something in my backyard-can you come and dig it up? answer

Do I need to be a certified SCUBA diver to apply to the maritime archaeology program? answer

What requirements are there for being able to dive at Flinders? answer

Now that I'm in a Graduate Program ...

I am a Graduate Student - Can I have an office? answer

How do I get access to the Archaeology Department's facilities (postgraduate, Graduate and Honours students only)? answer

Is there special support available to International Graduate students? answer

As a Graduate student, can I find or set up my own practicum or internship? answer