The Flinders Archaeological Society (ArchSoc) is a not-for-profit student-run organisation dedicated to enhancing the experience of archaeology students and to broadening the understanding of heritage amongst the student body and the wider community.  

ArchSoc is the largest and most active student-run archaeological society in Australia, and every year takes on a wide variety of projects, from organising an annual Quiz night, to field trips, fundraisers and co-ordinating volunteer experience opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students.  You don't even have to be a student at Flinders to be a member of ArchSoc  - membership is open to anyone, including the general public, high school students and anyone interested in archaeology.

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2016 Committee

Executive Committee

  • President: Chelsea Wiseman
  • Vice President: Jacob Gwiazdzinski
  • Secretary: Amber Parrington
  • Treasurer: Rachel Hagan

General Committee

  • Publications Editor: Kathleen Gorey
  • Field Work Cooordinator: Meg Haas
  • First Year Representative: To be elected after O'Week 2016. Interested? Email
  • Second Year Representative: Mae White
  • Third Year Representative: Angela Gurr
  • Postgraduate and Other Member Representative: Jacinta Koolmatrie
  • External Student Representative: Ben Steyne

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Dig It: the Journal of the Flinders Archaeological Society

Dig It is a student-run journal and the official newsletter of the Flinders Archaeological Society. The publication began in 1997 and after a hiatus of at least five years, it was relaunched in 2012. The new series began in 2013. The purpose of Dig It is to provide students, from undergraduates and postgraduates through to recent graduates, with the opportunity to practise and familiarise themselves with writing, publishing, editing and reviewing articles. It aims to offer emerging young academics with an avenue to engage with archaeological dialogues and discourse. In addition, it aims to keep aspiring archaeologists connected and informed about what is happening in the archaeological community.

Dig It is published twice a year and is printed at Flinders Press. Dig It considers a range of contributions, including research articles, essays, personal accounts/opinion pieces, book reviews and thesis abstracts for publication. We welcome contributions from local, interstate and international undergrad and postgrad students and recent graduates.

All contributions are reviewed by the editors and a panel of reviewers; however original research articles and research essays additionally undergo a stricter and anonymous peer review process also involving external experts. Reviewers can be of any academic status; however young academics are preferred in agreement with the mission statement of Dig It as providing the opportunity for professional training to students.

The guidelines for contributors can be found here:

To read Dig It, please visit this web page: