The Flinders Archaeological Society (ArchSoc) is a not-for-profit student-run organisation dedicated to enhancing the experience of archaeology students and to broadening the understanding of heritage amongst the student body and the wider community.  

ArchSoc is the largest and most active student-run archaeological society in Australia, and every year takes on a wide variety of projects, from organising an annual Quiz night, to field trips, fundraisers and co-ordinating volunteer experience opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students.  You don't even have to be a student at Flinders to be a member of ArchSoc  - membership is open to anyone, including the general public, high school students and anyone interested in archaeology.

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Current Executive committee for 2013

  • President: Andrew Wilkinson
  • Vice President: Nessa Beasley
  • Secretary: Holly Winter
  • Treasurer: Antoinette Hennessy
  • Public Relations: Samantha Fidge
  • Publications Editor: Jordan Ralph
  • Risk Officer: Brad Guagagnin
  • Social Coordinator: Tris Grainger
  • Membership and Recruitment Officer: Liam Roe
  • General Members: Scott Jacob, Zidian James, Clare Leevers, Rhiannon Agutter, Ella Stewart-Peters, Hayley Prentice, Jessica Lumb, and Dianne Riley.

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