The human past is truly rich and diverse, traversing an incredible span of time. Archaeologists seek to explore this amazing complexity by studying the material remains that people leave behind.

In doing so we strive to understand how communities have used their land and seascapes to provide nourishment, what tools and other objects they have made, how they have organised themselves into cultural groups and the ways they have interacted with others.

Such research, however, is only valuable if we can find ways to give it meaning in the present—for the descendants of the cultures that we study and for the general public.    

Associate Professor Amy Roberts
Teaching Program Director (History and Archaeology)

Archaeology at Flinders University is one of Australia's leading centres for the study of archaeology. Our courses are taught by internationally renowned staff with a wide range of specialist skills in many fields. Staff are active researchers working on innovative projects across Australia, Asia, Europe, South America, South Africa and the Near East. Students can participate in these projects through our acclaimed fieldwork programs.


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