If you want to know more about the way topics can be integrated into a coherent Bachelor's degree in Archaeology, about applying for Honours in Archaeology or about enrolling in a Higher Degree or a coursework Graduate Program, feel free to contact us.

The Teaching Program Director is Associate Professor Amy Roberts.

The Director of Studies is Donald Pate. He will answer all questions about undergraduate degrees.

The Honours and Research Higher Degrees Coordinator is Dr Jonathan Benjamin. He can answer all questions about applying for a PhD or a Masters degree by research, or about getting into Honours.

The Archaeology and Heritage Management Graduate Programme Coordinator is Dr Daryl Wesley. He will answer all of your questions about the graduate coursework programs in Archaeology and Heritage Management.

The Maritime Graduate Programme Coordinator is Wendy van Duivenvoorde

For any questions about equipment or technical matters, please contact the Technical Officers, Chantal Wight or Hiro Yoshida.