Human Osteology

4 - 8 November 2019



This is an intensive lab topic that provides students with a detailed introduction to the human skeleton. In addition to the identification of all components of the skeleton, students will learn the range of biological and chemical information that is recorded in the human skeleton. In relation to archaeology and forensic science, the topic provides knowledge regarding the location, identification, recovery, and analysis of human remains occurring in field contexts. Key information regarding biological age, sex, stature, geographic origin, behavioral attributes, and chronometric dating are addressed. Workshops provide the essential hands-on practical component of teaching and learning in human osteology.

(Note: This schedule may change)

Module 1:  Introduction to the Human Skeleton
Module 2:  The Vertebrate Skeleton: Animal vs. Human
Module 3:  Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains: Age at Death Determination
Module 4:  Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains: Sex and Ancestry Determination
Module 5:  Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains: Metric and Non-Metric
Module 6:  Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains: Paleopathology
Module 7:  Forensic Anthropology and Identification from Human Remains

Archaeology Lab, Humanities Room 112, Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia

This short course can be undertaken by enrolled Flinders students or members of the wider community. There are different costs associated with this short course depending on your enrolment:

Flinders University Students
Flinders students should enrol in the topic ARCH8408 through the normal online enrolment process.  Please note that a quota will apply to this topic which will require you to contact the Topic Coordinator prior to enrolment.

The normal 4.5 unit topic fee for archaeology (students may choose to defer payment via HECS or FEE-HELP) will apply. Enrolled international students are liable for normal international tuition fees.

Non-Flinders Australian participants (domestic short course participants)
AUD$2133 postgraduate topic fee (inclusive of GST).

Overseas Participants (international short course participants)
AUD$3000 tuition fee (inclusive of GST).

Upon successful completion of this short course all short course participants (i.e. all non-enrolled non-Flinders participants, both domestic and international) will receive a Certificate of Achievement which states that this short course is equivalent to completion of the Flinders University topic ARCH8408.

By completing this topic as a short course you may be eligible to receive credit for it at another Institution.  For further information regarding your eligibility to receive credit, please refer to the Credit Transfer Policy (or equivalent) of the Institution at which you are seeking credit

Paying your field school costs
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Professor Donald Pate, Department of Archaeology
Phone: (08) 8201 2067

Cancellation and Refund policy
A refund for field school payments will only be granted if the cancellation of attendance is received via email to 14 days prior to the field school.  There will be no refunds after this date unless accompanied by a medical certificate.
We endeavour to ensure that all information on the field school website and printed material is accurate.
However changes may occur without notice and the topic coordinators and field school organisers accept no responsibility for losses incurred by attendees.

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