ARCH 8405:
The Archaeology of Australian Stone Artefacts

 22 September to 5 October 2014


ARCH8405 Topic Overview

An understanding of stone tools is critical in practicing cultural heritage management and undertaking archaeological research on Indigenous sites in Australia.  This topic gives students skills in stone tool identification and analysis in practical laboratory sessions, combined with seminars that cover current research trends and advanced theoretical issues.  It is suitable for students wishing to gain expertise in stone tool analysis and for cultural heritage managers requiring these skills in their professional practice.


Topic Aims

THE ARCH8405 is designed to
1.    Provide students with practical skills in identifying and analysing stone tools
2.    Provide knowledge of how stone tools are used in cultural heritage management and in addressing archaeological research questions
3.    Give students an understanding of the significance of stone tool sites in terms of their social significance to Indigenous people and their scientific significance as it relates to current research in archaeology
4.    Encourage critical thinking about interpretation of material culture through in-depth reading and research

Required Text

The set textbook for ARCH8405 in 2012 is:
Holdaway, Simon and Nicola Stern  2004  A Record in Stone.  The Study of Australia’s Flaked Stone Artefacts.  Melbourne:  Museum Victoria and Aboriginal Studies Press
Students are strongly encouraged to purchase this textbook, though copies will be available for borrowing through the Central Library collection.


There are different costs associated with this course depending on your enrolment:

Flinders University Students
The normal 4.5-unit topic fee for archaeology (students may choose to defer payment via HECS), plus a fee (to be advised) to cover course materials.

Enrolled international students are liable for normal international tuition fees, plus a fee (to be advised) to cover course materials.

Overseas Participants
AUD$3000 tuition fee (inclusive of GST).

Non-Flinders University Australian Students

AUD$1750 postgraduate topic fee (inclusive of GST).

Cancellation and Refund policy
A refund for field school payments will only be granted if the cancellation of attendance is received via email to Dr AliceGorman 14 days prior to the field school.  There will be no refunds after this date unless accompanied by a medical certificate.
We endeavour to ensure that all information on the field school website and printed material is accurate.
However changes may occur without notice and the topic coordinators and field school organisers accept no responsibility for losses incurred by attendees.

Topic Coordinator: Dr AliceGorman