In 2013 the Museum field school/short course will be run by the South Australian Museum, the premier collecting institution in South Australia.  The Museum's archaeology collection includes highly significant excavation assemblages, surface collections and donations accumulated since 1900.  Notable SAM staff collectors include Walther Howchin, Harold Cooper, Thomas D Campbell and Norman Tindale. Cooper added over 2080 lots to the database and Tindale (along with field colleagues) added a memorable 2630 lots. Well known and significant archaeologists of the 20th century have also added to the collection through excavation or systematic collection, including John Mulvaney, Dr A. Gallus, Rhys Jones and Ron Lampert.

The Museum field school will explore the depth and richness of the SA Museum’s Aboriginal archaeology collection.  It will investigate how objects came into the collection, who collects, how they are stored and why they are stored into the future.  Discussion will focus on methodologies of collecting, assessing significance, conservation and repatriation.  Particular focus will also be placed on the research value of the collection with an aim to indicate potential directions for future post graduate research.  The field school will include at least one day in the field, to understand the context of artefacts before they come into the collection.  The remaining time will be spent working with various components of the SA Museum archaeology collection. 

Assessment for this topic will be a non graded Pass.  Precise details of assessment activities will be provided at the field school.


This field school can be undertaken by enrolled Flinders students or members of the wider community. There are different costs associated with this short course depending on your enrolment:

Flinders University Students
Flinders students should enrol in the Field School topic ARCH2208/ARCH8402 through the normal enrolment process.  Please note a quota will apply to this topic which will require you to contact the Topic Coordinator prior to enrolment.

The normal 4.5 unit topic fee for archaeology (students may choose to defer payment via HECS or FEE-HELP) will apply. Enrolled international students are liable for normal international tuition fees.

Non-Flinders Australian participants (domestic short course participants)
AUD$1750 postgraduate topic fee (inclusive of GST). 

Domestic short course participants interested in undertaking this field school should contact Kerry Ludwig for further information.

Overseas Participants (international short course participants)
AUD$3000 tuition fee (inclusive of GST).

Overseas short course participants interested in undertaking this field school should contact Kerry Ludwig for further information.

Upon successful completion of this Field School all short course participants (i.e. all non-enrolled non-Flinders participants, both domestic and international) will receive a Certificate of Achievement which states that this short course is equivalent to completion of the Flinders University topic ARCH2208/ARCH8402.

By completing this Field School you may be eligible to receive credit towards the completion of a Course at Flinders University or another Institution.  For further information regarding your eligibility to receive credit, please refer to the Credit Transfer Policy (or equivalent) of the Institution at which you are seeking credit

Cancellation and Refund policy
A refund for field school payments will only be granted if the cancellation of attendance is received via email to Keryn.walshe@samuseum.sa.gov.au 14 days prior to the field school.  There will be no refunds after this date unless accompanied by a medical certificate.
We endeavour to ensure that all information on the field school website and printed material is accurate.
However changes may occur without notice and the topic coordinators and field school organisers accept no responsibility for losses incurred by attendees.

Keryn Walshe
Researcher for Archaeology, SA Museum

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