Flinders Archaeology in the News

Article Media Staff/Student (s) Date
Australian archaeologists dropped the term Stone Age decades ago, and so should you The Conversation Dr Alice Gorman 27 August 2018
Parker solar mission can withstand Sun's heat close up—scholar Sputnik International Dr Alice Gorman 16 August 2018
A grave omission: the quest to identify the dead in remote NT The Conversation Professor Claire Smith, Gary Jackson, Jordan Ralph, Jasmine Willika 2 August 2018
Thousands of Territorians lost in unmarked graves NT News Professor Claire Smith, Jordan Ralph, Tarmia Klass, Clinton Walters, Jasmine Willika, Vanessa Wakelin 21 July 2018
Stitches in Time The Mercury (Tas Weekend) A/Prof Heather Burke 14-15 July 2018
Grave concerns—filling in the blanks Katherine Times Professor Claire Smith, Jordan Ralph 13 July 2018
Beaumont case grave finding technology used to locate shipwrecks The Advertiser Dr Ian Moffat 30 May 2018
Megan Fox wants to rewrite history. Where's the harm in that? News.com.au Dr Alice Gorman 11 May 2018
The space industry to get a boost Manufacturers' Monthly Dr Alice Gorman 10 May 2018
Peeling back the Pilbara's underwater history The West Australian Peter Ross 20 April 2018
As Mongolia melts, looters close in pon priceless artifacts Smithsonian.com Dr Julia Clark 11 April 2018
'The problem with space junk is we don't know where most objects are'—Lecturer Sputnik International Dr Alice Gorman 3 April 2018
'Out-of-control' space station crashes into South Pacific New Daily Dr Alice Gorman 2 April 2018
Chinese space station Tiangong 1 likely to crash to Earth over Easter News.com.au Dr Alice Gorman 30 March 2018
What we're looking for in Australia's Space Agency The Conversation Dr Alice Gorman 29 March 2018
Chinese space station hurtling towards Earth: will it hit Australia? SBS Dr Alice Gorman 28 March 2018
60 years in orbit for 'grapefruit satellite'—the oldest human object in space The Conversation Dr Alice Gorman 21 March 2018
Early humans used ochre and traded tools amid turbulent times in Africa 300,000 years ago ABC Science Dr Ian Moffat 16 March 2018
Long thought to have been Cambodia's capital during a 'dark age', digs are unearthing Longvek's place as a centre of global trade The Phnom Penh Post Dr Martin Polkinghorne 19 February 2018
How much of a problem is space junk? ABC Radio Sydney Dr Alice Gorman 15 February 2018
It’s taken thousands of years, but Western science is finally catching up to Traditional Knowledge The Conversation Professor George Nicholas- Simon Fraser University 15 February 2018
A sports car and a glitter ball are now in space—what does that say about us as humans? The Conversation Dr Alice Gorman 7 February 2018
Dig for the missing Beaumont children begins The Advertiser Dr Ian Moffat 3 February 2018
Is apace the next frontier for archaeology? Ars Technica Dr Alice Gorman 1 February 2018
Looking up a century ago, a vision f the future of space exploration The Conversation Dr Alice Gorman 19 January 2018
Flinders Researchers Shed light on Riverland History River News, Waikerie SA A/Prof Amy Roberts, Dr Mick Morrison, Dr Ian Moffat and A/Prof Heather Burke 10 January 2018