From 2014 the Graduate Program in Archaeology and the Graduate Program in Cultural Heritage Management will be integrated into one degree.  Easier to enrol and more choice for you!!
Why study Archaeolo

Graduate Coursework Programs 

Our Graduate Coursework Programs are more than just another degree.

Our Masters programs incorporate a wide range of topics from archaeology, heritage management, tourism, environmental management, history, biodiversity studies and geography, and have been deliberately designed to fill the skills gaps identified in graduate training by a 2005 and 2010 national survey of working archaeologists.

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We would like to thank our Industry Advisory Panel, which provides advice and critical guidance to our graduate programs, ensuring their continuing relevance to local and international industry needs.  Panel members form a consultative board to advise on on topic content, program structure, workplace opportunities, skills needs, and any other issues relevant to ensuring that our students remain competitive and employable upon graduation.

Alongside our award-winning academic program, Flinders also offers the Directed Industry-Ready Training (DIRT) Program, combining university credit with a wide range of Industry projects and partners.  The DIRT Program:

  • Networks our students with heritage industry professionals, including private companies, state government departments, local government and community organisations, who provide training and mentoring in a variety of capacities.  
  • Fosters professional development and growth, expert collaboration, career advancement, and visibility to assist students to become recognised members of the discipline before they graduate.
  • Offers increasingly comprehensive industry-integrated projects, including Directed Studies (individual, mentored research projects with an industry partner), Practicums (60-120 hours in a heritage workplace), and a Cultural Heritage Internship (360 hours of paid employment with a cultural heritage management employer) to build depth of experience and accelerate career path development.
  • Incorporates the Archaeology Master Class series, through which industry partners from a range of heritage specialities deliver free workshops and offer a range of complementary skills and knowledge that can’t be accommodated within the confines of a degree.
  • Includes a free DIRT Portfolio to allow students to keep track of their Master Classes, major projects and other essential information to create a unique professional portfolio of their achievements.  Don't apply for a job without it!

Don’t just take our word for it either - read what our students have to sayand decide for yourself.  To find out more about what our graduate students do at Flinders, read the Archaeology blog, or download the latest edition of Engage: The Bulletin of the Flinders Graduate Programs in Archaeology.

The Graduate Colloquium: This is an exchange opportunity for all PhD, MA and honours students in archaeology and related disciplines – from Flinders and beyond. The colloquium fosters the academic exchange between students who are writing a thesis in archaeology.