Archaeology is a rapidly changing field that provides opportunities to work for governments and universities, in schools and museums, in the private sector and of course, for community organisations—not only in Australia, but around the world. Our program has been designed to fill skills gaps identified by a succession of industry surveys of Australian archaeologists. This includes a number of interrelated areas, including:

  • Professional archaeology;
  • Cultural heritage management;
  • Field and laboratory skills;
  • Research methods;
  • Indigenous archaeology;
  • Historical archaeology;
  • Cultural heritage management;
  • Community-based archaeology and heritage management;
  • Human osteology; and,
  • Rock art recording and conservation.

Our program offers opportunities for students with and without a prior degree in archaeology.

No prior archaeology degree
If you have never studied archaeology before, this program will allow you to develop an understanding of the discipline and follow your interests. We will accept students from any background, provided they have successfully completed a Bachelors degree. Our Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate courses have minimal entry requirements and provide students with a flexible range of study options and pathways. These can be credited towards our two-year Masters in Archaeology degree.

Archaeology degree in hand
If you already have an archaeology degree, then you can use our program to further enhance your qualifications, knowledge and skills in a way that far exceeds those gained during an Honours degree, the traditional pathway for many archaeology graduates. We recognise that students with a prior degree in archaeology already have well developed knowledge and skills, and so offer a streamlined 1.5 year Masters degree which includes a research thesis that is equivalent to Australian Honours degrees in archaeology, in addition to two full semesters of coursework.  

Flexible study options
Graduate students are often very busy and manage multiple, and often conflicting demands on their time. It is for this reason that we have designed our programs to have a high degree of flexibility. Our courses can be completed internally or externally, full time or part time. So, if flexibility is important to you, then contact our course coordinator (Dr Daryl Wesley ) who can help to explain how our programs can be tailored to suit your own personal situation and goals.