The Graduate Programs in Archaeology and Heritage Management and Maritime Archaeology are  characterised by a strong involvement from industry.  Our Industry Partners, who work in related industries, regularly host our students for Directed Studies, Practicums and Internships, run Master Classes, and support our research and teaching programs in a variety of other ways.  The more formal Industry Advisory Panel  advises the Department on general issues of skills needs, graduate employability and program content.

Our Industry Partners include:

Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division, Dept of Premier and Cabinet, SA Government

The Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division are an original Industry Partner in the Graduate Programs of CHM and Archaeology.  They regularly provide our students with Directed Study projects, offer guest lectures relating to Indigenous heritage management in SA, accept students on practicum placements and collaboratively run training programs for SA Indigenous communities on site recording with the Dept of Archaeology. 


The Adelaide City Council have generously sponsored Directed Studies projects (synthesising the archaeological projects that have been carried out within Adelaide City to date, and designing an  exhibition plan to present this to the public) and Masters thesis projects in both the CHM and Archaeology Graduate Programs.



Dr Brett Holman is an independent historian from Melbourne whose research interests primarily revolve around the place of aviation in British society and culture in the first half of the 20th century. Brett has mentored Driected Study students on particular projects.

  WellCAD software by ALT has been designed as a toolbox for well data and combines comprehensive display, editing and analysis capabilities in a single software solution. For over 17 years WellCAD has provided support to the daily work of thousands of professionals dealing with borehole data. Its flexible architecture, attractive price structure and unrivaled first hand support of the development team are WellCAD’s key to success. Add-on modules for Image & Structure Analysis, Multi Well Correlation and Digital Core Description complement WellCAD and thus make it an attractive solution for small scale companies as well as large multinational corporations. ALT support Ian Moffat's research in Quaternary Sedimentology. 


Archaeological Risk Assessment Services Pty Ltd

Archaeological Risk Assessment Services is an archaeological and heritage consulting form based in Katoomba.  They are involved in our Graduate Programs by providing volunteeer fieldwork experience for our students and employing suitably qualified students as field assistants on various consulting projects.


Archaeometry Ptd Ltd

Archaeometry provide specialist consulting services in archaeological science.  Founded by Department of Archaeology adjunct Ian Moffat, they are experts in geophysics, geochemistry, geoarchaeology and geomatics.

Adjahdura Narungga Heritage Group


Austral Archaeology Pty Ltd

Austral Archaeology Pty Ltd have generously supported Masters and Honours thesis projects for our students, as well as our programs in general.  Their recent excavations in association with the Adelaide City Council at the site of the Beresford Arms Hotel in Gilles Street, Adelaide, revealed details of one of the oldest buildings left in Adelaide City, dating back to 1840.


Australian Cultural Heritage Management

ACHM are one of our strongest local and interstate Industry Partners.  Many former Flinders staff and students currently work with ACHM, and ACHM staff are regular contributors to our graduate and undergraduate teaching programs as guest lecturers.

They generously sponsor an annual prize known as the ACHM Cultural Heritage Management Prize.  This prize is awarded to the best student in our undergraduate topic ARCH2108 Cultural Heritage Management and was first awarded in 2006.  

ACHM also sponsor a prize to the full-time student who achieves the highest GPA in either (1) the Graduate Diploma of CHM or (2) first year of the Master of CHM program in each calendar year.  This prize was awarded for the first time in 2008.


Australian Landscape Trust



The Australian Landscape Trust is supporting field schools and Directed Study projects on the archaeology and heritage management of Calperum and Taylorville Stations near Renmark, South Australia.  The Australian Landscape Trust is a non-profit, philanthropic organisation dedicated to supporting improved management of Australia’s natural resources for the benefit of regional communities and the broader environment.

City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters


Iin 2009, staff and students worked closely with the Heritage Officer, Denise Schumann to collect oral histories and undertake archival research relating to the Maesbury St Cemetery.  This work was showcased as part of the Council's Heritage Festival in September 2009.


Comber Consultants Pty Ltd

Comber Consultants Pty Ltd generously sponsors two annual prizes in the Department of Archaeology: one for the best thesis awarded each calendar year in the Master of Archaeology program and one for the best thesis awarded each calendar year in the Master of CHM program.

Comber Consultants Pty Ltd also accepts Flinders University graduate students on cultural heritage internships.


Cosmos Archaeology

Cosmos Archaeology is an Australian based archaeological consulting company working nationally and internationally on archaeological projects. Specialising in both historical and maritime archaeology, Cosmos Archaeology is one of only a handful of Australian heritage consultancies with qualified maritime archaeologists on staff with ADAS certification. Cosmos Archaeology has employed several of our graduates students in the past on archaeological projects and recently provided industry expertise through assisting with the annual Maritime Field School. 


Dapung Talkinjeri Aboriginal Corporation

Cross-Institutional GIS student Lyndal Simmonds completed a Directed Study in CHM working with the Dapung Talkinjeri Aboriginal Corporation, helping them develop a GIS to manage cultural and natural heritage on their property at Long Point in the Coorong.


Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources (SA)

Different sections of DEWNR support the Graduate Programs.  Students have completed summer internships (at the World Heritage Listed Naracoorte Caves National Park), practicums and Directed Studies projects.

Staff from DEWNR also offer guest lectures and work closely with Archaeology staff to develop Directed Studies projects for students.


Department of Indigenous Affairs (WA)




The Department of Indigenous Affairs works closely with Aboriginal people to promote Aboriginal culture and protect and manage significant places and objects.  They have supported our programs through hosting a practicum placement in Semester 2, 2010.


Earth Sea Heritage Surveys

Earth Sea Heritage Surveys are a Darwin based heritage consulting firm who offer Directed Studies projects and Cultural Heritage Practicum opportunities to students enrolled in the CHM Graduate Program.


Flinders University - Buildings and Property Division

Masters student Crystal Henry undertook a Directed Studies in CHM project recording oral histories about the old Palmer's Farm site on the Flinders University campus grounds.  This project led Crystal to a second Directed Study in Archaeology to locate unknown and unrecorded sites on the Palmer's Farm property.

Graduate certificate student John Schloblom undertook a Directed Studies project investigating the social significance of Anchor Court, which is adjacent to the School of Physical Sciences.


Florey Reconciliation Task Force

Over the past few years many students have completed Directed Studies projects with the Florey Reconciliation Task Force, located at Modbury.  These have included a survey of Aboriginal and European heritage at Pine Park; the ethnohistory of Tea Tree Gully, heritage trails based on some of the historic themes of the region, including winemaking, research on Boord House and more.


First Peoples of the River Murray and Mallee Region Native Title Claim Group

The First Peoples of the River Murray and Mallee Region Native Title Claim Group work closely with students through Master Classes and through the Rock Art Field School.


Gabbie Kylie Foundation

The Gabbie Kylie Foundation was established in 2008 by the National Trust of Western Australia to conserve and interpret the Indigenous heritage values of the south coast region of Western Australia.  They were a core partner in our 2009 Archaeological Field Methods field school to Albany and Esperance.


heh Pty Ltd

The Directors of HEH have been involved in archaeological and environmental research and consulting in arid South Australia for more than 30 years. Since 2007 HEH has been conducting a major research-oriented survey and salvage project for BHP Billiton at Olympic Dam. A Flinders graduate has been a key member of their team since 2010 and in 2012 Mick McKenzie, their Kuyani team member, completed a Graduate Certificate in Archaeology.
Members of the HEH team have presented seminars and master classes on their Olympic Dam work at Flinders. One of the Directors, Dr Philip Hughes, is a Senior Research Associate in the Department.

  Heritage Tasmania co-ordinates historic heritage strategy and activity, supports the Tasmanian Heritage Council to implement the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995, and facilitates the development of the historic heritage sector in Tasmania.  They are part of the Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and Environment and employ a range of professional and administrative staff, including archaeologists, architects, historians and administrators. In 2013 Heritage Tasmania hosted a practicum student completing ARCH8518.


Kayandel Archaeological Services

NSW-based consulting firm Kayandel Archaeological Services are an industry partner who have engaged three students in the Graduate Program in CHM as heritage officers.  Kayandel staff members are also regular participants in our short course and workshop programs.


C.R. Kennedy are distributors of Leica Geosystems surveying systems.  They generously supply specialist surveying equipment for field schools.


Kingston House

Two students have completed Directed Studies in CHM in collaboration with Kingston House, one of South Australia's oldest surviving nineteenth century homes.  Georgina Ashley conducted a background archival and literature based research into the history of the Kingston Family, while Kara Lee catalogued and analysed documents and papers in the archives of Kingston House.


Larrakia Nation

In 2010 the Ethnoarchaeology in Aboriginal Australia Field School was conducted for the first time on Larrakia Country in collaboration with the Larrakia Nation.  Linked to a PhD project studying contact archaeology in the Darwin area, the Larrakia Nation (including the Mimbeni Rangers and the Larrakia Land and Sea Rangers) helped graduate students locate and record contact sites at Southport, NT.


Mala GPR

Mala GPR Australia is an authorised distributor of MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems in Australia.  They provide high quality, reliable and easy to use equipment to solve your subsurface investigation needs. Mala GPR Australia aims to bring qualified knowledge to the Australian GPR market by assisting new and existing companies with the technology. 

Mala GPR Australia is an industry partner for the ARCH8808 Introductory Archaeological Geophysics topic.  They support our teaching program through the provision of equipment, advice and specialist teaching free-of-charge and we encourage our colleagues, students and staff to contact them for all of your GPR rental or purchase requirements. 


Mallala Museum and Mallala and Districts Historical Committee



In conjunction with the Mallala and Districts Historical Committee and the Mallala Museum students are recording the site of the Seven Stars Hotel in Malllala. The site was excavated in 2012 and research is ongoing to learn more about this ecelctic site.


Mannum Aboriginal Community Association Inc

The Mannum Aboriginal Community Association Inc. became an Industry Partner in 2010, hosting a Master Class at two of the most iconic archaeological sites in South Australia—Ngaut Ngaut (formerly Devon Downs) and Tungawa (Fromm's Landing).


City of Marion

Several students in 2012 undertook Directed Studies and Practicum projects as part of the Marion Cultural Heritage Project, which aims to document the places, activities and memories that are important to the people of Marion.


Maxim Archaeology and Heritage Pty Ltd



Located in Morriset, NSW, Maxim Archaeology took on a practicum student in S2, 2012.


Migration Museum

The Migration Museum works towards the preservation, understanding and enjoyment of South Australia's diverse cultures. It is a place to discover the many identities of the people of South Australia through the stories of individuals and communities.  In Semester 2, 2008, Masters of CHM student Amirul Affifudin worked on a project for the Museum, documenting the history of Malay migration to South Australia.


Mitcham Heritage Centre (Mitcham City Council)

Many students have worked with the Mitcham Heritage Centre on Directed Studies projects and practicums, studying the heritage and planning acts in Mitcham, the archaeological potential of uncultivated areas of land, and the ten oldest buildings in each of Mitcham's city wards.


Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation


 National Trust of Australia (SA)

The National Trust of South Australia generously support Directed Studies and practicum opportunities for students in the Archaeology, CHM and Maritime Archaeology graduate programs.



National Trust of Australia (WA)

The Department of Archaeology has a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the Western Australian branch of the National Trust of Australia to offer heritage management-related field schools.  In 2009 the National Trust generously sponsored our Field Methods Field School in Albany and Esperance, Western Australia.


Ngadjuri  Elders Heritage and Land Care Council Inc



Ngadjuri Walpa Juri Land and Heritage Association Incorporated



Ngaliwurru-Wuli Association

Located in Timber Creek, NT, the Ngaliwurru-Wuli Association hosted the graduate Ethnoarchaeology Field School in 2010.


Ngarrindjeri Heritage Committee

Staff and graduate students work closely on a range of collaborative, ongoing research projects relating to heritage and archaeology in Ngarrindjeri ruwe (country).  Ngarrindjeri Elders and heritage officers are regular contributors to various topics in the Graduate Program.


OzArk Environmental and Heritage Management

OzArk Environmental and Heritage Management is a consulting form based in central western New South Wales.  In 2009 student Kim Tuovinen undertook an internship placement with OzArk.  He supervised an excavation and particpated in all aspects of OzArk's consulting work.


Pacific Marine Resources Institute

The PMR Institute is a non-profit environmental organization based on Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands. They are dedicated to working in partnership with Pacific nations, states, and communities to assess, monitor, and manage their precious biological resources for sustainable use. However they have recently had a particular interest in heritage resources. Researchers from PMRI have been collaborating with the Maritime Program to offer Heritage Awareness Trainings in Saipan and support MMA students in their research projects on island.


Parks Victoria


In collaboration with Parks Victoria, graduate student in archaeology, Meg Berry, completed a Directed Study synthesising the archaeological and cultural heritage management work completed in the Grampians-Gariwerd National Park.


Point Pearce Aboriginal Corporation



Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority



PAHSMA are currently working with our students on Directed Study and Masters thesis projects.


Precipice Training  

Precipice Training offers professional development courses to the resource industry which take you away from the office and out into the field to get your hands dirty on world class outcrop and your feet wet in modern sedimentary systems.  Our teaching focuses on educating geologists and engineers of any level of experience by asking them to undertake customised exercises in which they describe sedimentary rocks, interpret depositional environments and place these units in a sequence stratigraphic framework. The new skills gained in the field are consolidated by lectures, comprehensive course notes and examination of drill core.  Precipice Training staff and visiting lecturers are experienced educators from the consulting and academic fields who have diverse skills but all with extensive field backgrounds.  They organise all of the logistics, provide great food and operate to the highest standards of occupational health and safety so our students can concentrate on learning. Precipice Training supports the prize for student with the highest mark in the ARCH8808 "Introductory Archaeological Geophysics".


Ships of Discovery

Ships of Discovery is a non-profit research organisation based out of Corpus Christi, Texas that focuses on maritime archaeology from the early colonial periods in the U.S., Caribbean, and Pacific to the present. Through Ships of Discovery staff have received grants for research in Saipan, CNMI. SoD have provided our students with opportunities to develop their field skills through joint projects in Saipan.


South Australian Museum

The SA Museum has developed a number of Directed Studies projects for students  interested in museum collections and the interpretation and presentation of archaeological materials to the public. 

The Museum also facilitates access to archaeological collections, runs the Museum topic, contributes to other lab courses, and allows many students to volunteer in order to gain experience in collections management


South Australian Native Title Services Ltd


SANTS take many of our students on practicums and for Directed Studies projects


Southern Midlands Council

Flinders students have been working on Driected Study and volunteer projects at Oatlands in Tasmania, as part of Council's ongoing heritage strategy


Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service

In 2008 Graduate students worked with Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife to record convict sites (including lime kilns, brickworks and bread ovens) located on Sarah Island, around Macquarie Harbour and along the lower reaches of the Gordon River in north west Tasmania as part of ARCH8801 Field Methods.


City of Unley - Unley Museum

The Unley Museum became an Industry Partner in 2009.  Several students have completed Directed Studies projects and practicums with the Museum.  Projects have included an assessment of the archaeological collections from the former Fern Avenue Jam Factory, research on the history of garden fences in Unley, and on the history of afternoon tea for various exhibitions.


Wallis Heritage Consulting

Led by former staff member, and current adjunct, Lynley Wallis, Wallis Heritage Consulting became an Industry Partner in 2012. WHC offers numerous Directed Study projects across a range of topics in archaeology and CHM, and offers a cultural heritage practicum placement to a promising graduate student each year. WHC also sponsors the Wallis Heritage Consulting Prize, which is awarded annually to the student with the highest mark in the core topic, ARCH2106: Field Methods.


Western Australian Museum

Staff from the Western Australian Museum have supervised and taught on field schools, been involved in facilitating access to field teaching sites, and supervising Directed Studies projects. 


 ZZ Resistivity Imaging



ZZ Resistivity Imaging have developed the FlashRes-Universal 61 channel resistivity imaging system.  This innovative system allows the collection of more than 60000 data points for hour and the simultaneous acquisition of multiple resistivity arrays making it ideal for the collection of high resolution data for archaeological, environmental, engineering and mineral exploration. ZZ Resistivity Imaging generously support Ian Moffat's research and teaching in archaeological geophysics.