As of 27 September 2013

Postgraduate Research Students

PhD Candidates = PhD in Archaeology, partial or full specialisation in Maritime Archaeology

Fowler, Madeleine (BA, BArch Hons Flinders)
Maddy’s Ph.D. dissertation research directly relates to Indigenous maritime cultural landscapes and decolonising archaeology. She is interested in exploring ways in which Indigenous participation in maritime activities can be seen in archaeology and the recording of intangible heritage through the presence of tangible heritage. Her research will involve community-based research with the Narungga community with a focus on Point Pearce Mission, South Australia (S.A.). Her supervisors are Dr Amy Roberts and Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde.
Maddy’s primary interest in archaeology is the study of maritime cultural landscapes in Australia’s historical period. Her honour’s thesis (Archaeology, Flinders University, 2011) focused on the maritime cultural landscape component of shipwreck landscapes, in Port MacDonnell (S.A.). She later developed an interest in issues relating to the underrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in research into Australia’s maritime cultural landscapes. While still aligned with her general interest in maritime archaeology, she has reoriented her research goals towards cross-disciplinary maritime, Indigenous and historical issues.

Lacsina, Ligaya (MA University of the Philippines; GCMA Flinders)
Gay Lacsina is a PhD candidate at Flinders University’s Department of Archaeology. In 2009, she received both an MA in Archaeology from the University of the Philippines and a Graduate Certificate in Maritime Archaeology from Flinders. She has worked as a Museum Researcher at the National Museum of the Philippines Archaeology Division since 2004 where she is currently on study leave while she is completing her postgraduate studies at Flinders.

Mushynsky, Julie (BHJ University of Regina; BA University of Regina)
Julie has Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Human Justice degrees from the University of Regina in Canada. Julie completed a Masters of Maritime Archaeology from Flinders in 2011 because she was interested in studying coastal communities and maritime material culture. Her PhD will go on to investigate Indigenous community land use and ownership in Saipan, CNMI.

Paterson, Adam (BArch Hons Flinders)
Adam studied archaeology at Flinders and Leicester University (UK) specializing in historical and industrial archaeology. Since completing his honours degree Adam has worked as a heritage consultant, gaining valuable experience as a project archaeologist for a variety of public and private sector developments; ranging from small-scale residential and commercial developments to large-scale Part 3A major projects. Currently Adam's PhD research is funded by and Australian Post Graduate Award Industry. Industry partners for the project include, the South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage, the South Australian Maritime Museum and Archaeological and Heritage Management Solutions.

Raupp, Jason (BA Northwestern State University; MA University of West Florida)
Jason is a PhD Candidate and Research Fellow in the Department of Archaeology at Flinders University. He has worked on terrestrial and maritime archaeological research projects in the US,  Africa, Australia, Asia and the Pacific region and has extensive experience in public and private sector cultural heritage management.  Past employers include the US National Park Service, the University of West Florida, Florida's Bureau of Archaeological Research, Flinders University and South Australia's Department for Environment and Heritage. An active member of the Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (AIMA), over the past eight years he has served as an AIMA Councillor, Executive Committee Secretary, Publications Committee member, and State Tutor (South Australia) for the internationally recognized AIMA/NAS Training Program. His PhD research focuses on early to mid-nineteenth century pelagic whaling and industrial aspects of the American and British whaleships employed in the Pacific region. More information about this project can be found at:

Postgraduate Coursework Students (GCMA, GDPMA, MMA)

Currently, Flinders University has 34 post-graduate students enrolled in a Graduate Certificate in Maritime Archaeology (GCMA), Graduate Diploma in Maritime Archaeology (GDPMA), or Masters in Maritime Archaeology (MMA).

Bennett, Kurt

Berry, Alexander

Brendel, Hunter (BA Anth University of Texas)
Hunter graduated from the University of Texas at Austin '12 with dual-degree BA in Anthropology and Urban Studies. While completing his undergraduate studies, he was an intern with the Texas Historical Commission Marine Archeology Program and Texas Water Development Board. Hunter is interested in maritime cultural landscapes, site interpretation and archaeological theory.

Brown, Marc
Marc is a graduate of Flinders University who chose maritime archaeology because of an interest in shipwrecks and diving.  Australia’s history, as well as much of the world's, comes from a maritime beginning, so he has an intense interest in the field.

Davison, Lauren (BArch Flinders)
Lauren would love to work as a maritime archaeologist.  She is interested in all aspects of maritime archaeology, not just shipwrecks.

Drennon, Wendy (BSc Florida State; BA [international affairs] Florida State)
Wendy chose the maritime archaeology program because she is interested in learning about prehistoric inundated sites and coastal sites.  She hopes to use this degree to study the use of springs in the US, or settlement patterns along ancient waterways that are now part of submerged shelves.

De Ruyter, Michael

Edwards, Kevin

Gilchrist, Leigh

Halliday, Roger
(BA University of South Australia; Grad Cert. Business Edith Cowan)
Roger received his BA from the University of South Australia majoring in Aboriginal Studies with a minor in Indigenous archaeology. He received his Graduate Certificate in Business from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. Roger received his maritime experience as a member of the Underwater Explorers of South Australia. In the early days this group worked in conjunction with the South Australian Museum. In his previous life, he was a member of the South Australian Police and a reserve officer in the military, where he had some involvement in Special Forces as a diving instructor. His thesis research concerns The Tacoma, the first tuna boat in South Australia.

Helfgott, Peter

James, Zidian (BArch Flinders)
Zidian holds a BArch from Flinders and has previous careers selling books and as a stay at home dad.  He was drawn to maritime archaeology because of its excellent credentials. 

Jordan, Celeste (BBus Victoria University)
Celeste deviated from her family of archaeologists and anthropologists by getting a business degree. Now firmly in love with Maritime Archaeology with an almost complete postgraduate diploma, her sights are set on the Masters Program. Having benefited from a diverse range of field projects already, she hopes to be able to combine both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in future work.

Jordan, Jacob

Leonard, Andrea
(BA [journalism] SACAE Adelaide; BA Palaeoanthropology & Archaeology University of New England)
Andrea is currently enrolled in the MMA. She has always been interested in maritime archaeology, particularly bone material associated with shipwrecks (not just human).

Mcnamara, Brian

Miles, Naomi

Mitchell, Jane
Jane holds a Bachelor of Dramatic Art in Technical Production from the National Institute of Dramatic Art. She worked as a stage manager for 10 years in large-scale commercial theatre, before leaving to obtain a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT in Melbourne. She set up a small business writing and editing documents for the corporate sector before discovering SCUBA diving. She became an instructor and finally put two and two together and realised that maritime archaeology was really where it was at. Jane’s research interests lie in the Pacific theatre of World War II and she wants to be able to combine all her random skills as a maritime archaeologist when she graduates.

Pasch, Chelsea (BA St Thomas University)
Chelsea Colwell-Pasch is an international student from Canada with a BA in Anthropology (Hons), Criminology (Hons), and Forensic Anthropology from St. Thomas University (STU). She also holds a diploma (High Hons) in Police Sciences and Law Enforcement and has worked for the Government of New Brunswick (Canada) as an archaeological field technician for two years, an archaeological research assistant (STU anthropology department grant recipient –2007) and as a laboratory assistant (both medical/forensic and archaeological) for seven years cumulatively. The MMA program at Flinders was Chelsea's first choice in postgraduate education as there is no comparable program in Canada.  She plans on returning to Canada to work and foster the significance of maritime archaeology in Atlantic Canada, but appreciates that the waters of Australia are much warmer!

Pauley, Rick (BArch University of Southern Queensland)
Rick chose maritime archaeology because he was already a diver and wanted to use this skill in archaeology.  He grew up in an area with a strong maritime influence.

Petraccaro, Daniel (BArch Flinders)
Daniel holds a Bachelor of Archaeology (Flinders University) and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Maritime Archaeology programme. He is interested in ship construction, Mediterranean ships and trade, and hopes to travel Europe one his Masters Degree is completed. His thesis research concerns Hawthorn, an Australian built trading ketch.

Riewe, Caitlin

Rodriguez, Sheena

Ross, David

Russ, Josh
(BA [x2] University of Kentucky)
Josh holds a BA in History and a BA in Political Science from the University of Kentucky.  

Schaeffer, Jeffrey T. (BSc Anth St Mary’s College)
Jeff is enrolled in a Mastersf of Maritime Archaeology.  He holds a BSc in anthropology with an archaeology concentration from St Mary's College of California.  He has 4 years CRM experience in the United States and attended the St Mary's maritime field school in 2010.

Straiton, Peta

Tozer, Martin

Virzi, Rosanna

Waterson, Paddy

Wilkinson, Andrew (BArch Flinders)
Andrew holds a BArch (Flinders University), Adv. Dip. Elect. Eng. and Dip. Management. He is interested in all aspects of archaeology.  Recent experience in Italy at Gaiola created an interest in submerged sites which lead to joining the maritime archaeology program.  Andrew has fifteen years of experience working with aircraft avionics and remote sensing systems for the RAAF Maritime Patrol Group. He has a particular interest in rapid site recording techniques that use videography, photogrammetric techniques and Lidar systems to record sites in 3D for GIS, interpretation and research.  He is currently working on recording the bath at Roman Carsulae in Italy and has worked on the Pompeii Food and Drink Project.

Williams, Michael


MMA = Masters in Maritime Archaeology
GDPMA = Graduate Diploma in Maritime Archaeology
GCMA = Graduate Certificate in Maritime Archaeology
BA Hons = Honours, specialisation in Maritime Archaeology
BArch Hons = Honours in Archaeology, specialisation in Maritime Archaeology

Alexander, Karen (BArch Hons 2008)

Amell-Shufelt, Sarah (MMA 2006)

Arnold, Shawn (MMA 2010)
See what Shawn has to say about his degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Ash, Aidan (BArch Hons 2005)
See what Aidan has to say about his degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Bell, Samantha (MMA 2011)

Benbow, Luke (BArch Hons 2006)

Bendon, Michael (MMA 2010)

Beringer-Pooley, James (MMA 2005)
James works in the North Sea as a ROV pilot for the oil and gas industry.

Berry, Jessica (MMA 2008)
Jessica works as a Project Supervisor at Wessex Archaeology and an editor for the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS).

Bhaskar, Sharan (GDPMA 2010)

Brown, Adrian (GCMA 2004)

Brownette, Rowan (GDPMA 2005)

Bullers, Rick (MMA 2006)
Rick is working as an archaeological consultant in Sydney.

Bulman, Jody (GDPMA 2007)
Jody has sadly passed away and was awarded the GDPMA posthumously for his efforts and his love of maritime archaeology.

Burton, Britt (MMA 2011)

Carter, Matthew (GDPMA 2008)
Matt continued his graduate studies at Otago (MA) and is currently working as a consultant archaeologist in New Zealand. He was the 2009 Our World Underwater Rolex Scholarship Recipient.

Charnas, Shane (GDPMA 2006)

Clayton, Kellie (GDPMA 2010)

Colvin, Peter (MMA 2012)
Pete comes from the UK where he spent three years volunteering on terrestrial and underwater archaeology projects throughout the UK while undertaking the undergraduate degree in marine archaeology from Bournemouth University. His particular area of interest is public education of maritime and underwater archaeology and ship construction. After graduating Peter returned to the UK and continued his involvement in maritime archaeology and terrestrial archaeological projects.

Cooper, Darren (MMA 2013)
Darren held a BSc Hons (University of Western Australia) prior to coming to Flinders and currently works as a consultant archaeologist in the mining industry in the East Pilbara, Western Australia. Having a long association with the maritime world through the Royal Australian Naval Reserve and the Australian Customs Service, he is now heading towards a professional shift from terrestrial archaeology towards maritime archaeology. Professional interests include historical wrecks, particular military wreck sites, submerged prehistoric landscapes, and the study of site formation processes. Darren is a member of the Maritime Archaeological Association of Western Australia.

Coxhill, Phyllis (BArch Hons 2012)

Dappert, Claire (PhD 2009)
Claire completed her PhD at Flinders University in 2009, looking at the United States-China trade during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. She works as an Historical Research Archaeologist at the Illinois State Archaeological Survey. Although most of her research deals with 19th- and 20th-century farmsteads and townships, as well as urban archaeology, she still enjoys working on maritime archaeological projects once or twice per year. 

De Ruyter, Michael (GCMA 2012)
Mick is employed by the UAE Government as a lecturer of practical navigation and marine science subjects at a maritime institute in Abu Dhabi. He continues his studies as a part-time student in Cultural Heritage Management with a specialisation in maritime archaeology at Flinders (Masters degree).

Dixon, Mark (GCMA 2012)

Dodd, Andy (GDPMA 2005)
Andy works as an archaeological consultant based in Paekakariki, New Zealand. His work is predominantly terrestrial, but he has had contracts doing underwater survey and assessment work. His clients comprise both government departments and private developers. He is also the New Zealand Archaeological Association (NZAA) file keeper for the Wellington file district and serves on the Australasian Institute of Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) council as a State Councillor for New Zealand.

Drew, Terry (GCMA 2004)

El Hafi, Najat Skeate (GDPMA 2010)

Everitt (née Smith), Andrea
(BArch Hons 2006)
Since 2006, Andrea has worked as a Program Officer for the Community & Personal Histories team at the QLD Department of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander & Multicultural Affairs.

Firth, Kylli (MMA 2005)

Ford, Julie (BArch Hons 2000, MMA 2004)

Forrest, John (BArch Hons 2003)
John went on to postgraduate study at the University of Queensland and now works as a consultant archaeologist in Western Australia.

Fowler, Madeleine (BArch Hons 2011)
After completing her Honours, Maddy continued her postgraduate studies at Flinders as a PhD Candidate (see above Postgraduate Research Students).

Gainsford, Matthew (MMA 2006)
Matt completed his Masters of Maritime Archaeology degree part-time while working as a maritime archaeologist at WA Museum’s Maritime Archaeology Department in Fremantle. Matt is now living in Kalmar, Sweden and working on the Kronan shipwreck (1676) in the Baltic Sea.

Gauvin, Karolyn (MMA 2011)

Gilman, Joel (GCMA 2004)
Joel works as a solicitor at the Heritage Council of Western Australia.

Guerra, Purdina (GDPMA 2011)

Haigh, Jennifer (GCMA 2008)

Hale, Amanda (MMA 2006)

Halliday, Roger (MARCH)

Hanks, Matthew (MMA 2011)
See what Matt has to say about his degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Helfgott, Peter (GDPMA 2012)

Henry, Crystal (GDPMA 2006)

Holtof, Benjamin (MMA 2008)

Honey, Linda (MMA 2006)
Since her graduation, Linda has worked consistently in archaeology and is now a small business owner conducting cultural resource management services throughout southern California. She recently formed her own company and just completed a project where she was lead archaeological consultant on a 4,800 acre with an additional 176 linear mile Phase I survey for a proposed project in California.

Hunter III, James (PhD 2012)
James finished his PhD studies at Flinders in 2012 (commenced in 2008). He is a former member of the archaeological team investigating the American Civil War submarine H.L. Hunley, as well as a former staff archaeologist with the US Naval Historical Center's Underwater Archaeology Branch. He received his MA in History/Historical Archaeology from the University of West Florida in Pensacola in 2001. He has participated in the survey and excavation of a variety of shipwrecks from the 16th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Prior to his acceptance to Flinders, James served as a team supervisor for a maritime field school hosted at Mt Dutton Bay, SA and was a guest lecturer for the maritime archaeology field practicum in St. Augustine, Florida. His general interests include the archaeology of North America and circum-Caribbean colonial sites, as well as early submarine and torpedo warfare. His doctoral thesis will address the use of torpedo boats by Australasian colonial navies as an element of coastal defense during the last two decades of the 19th century.

Ingpen, Tom (GDPMA)
Tom Ingpen has a Bachelor degree in History/Art History from LaTrobe University in Melbourne. He has been working extensively with Museum and Gallery collections. In 1999 he created a Melbourne based company that specialises in safely displaying, storing and touring fragile museum and gallery pieces in Australia and abroad, and in 2001 received a Churchill Fellowship to travel to the U.S. and Canada to learn more about these processes. Tom is enrolled in the Masters program in Maritime Archaeology by distance learning from Melbourne, where he is still director of Pod Museum and Art Services.

Jalil, Ahmad (MMA 2012)

Jateff, Emily (MMA 2007)
Emily is a curator at the South Australian Maritime Museum.

Jenkins, Ruth-Anne (BArch Hons 2005)

Jones, Joshua (MMA 2013)
Josh commenced his studies at Flinders with a BSc and BA from Roger Williams University. He comes from Oregon in the US and is interested in Spanish, central and South American shipwrecks. Josh is also interested in public interpretation and education for maritime archaeology, in particular a focus in media such as photography and videography. He has a background in marine biology through his Bachelor of Science degree and would like to help increase the knowledge and preservation of shipwrecks in those areas.

Jones, Susan (GCMA 2003)

Jordan, Jacob (GCMA 2012)
Jacob works as an Archaeological Field Technician and crew leader for the US Forest Service in Prairie City, Oregon. He continues his postgraduate studies in maritime archaeology at Flinders part-time. 

Kalinowski, David (GDPMA 2008)

Keast,Tiffany (GDPMA 2012)

Keeping, Kenny (MMA 2009)

Khan, Amer (MMA 2006)
Amer works for the South Australia Department for Environment and Heritage as the state’s maritime heritage officer and maritime archaeologist.

Kilpa, Alex (MMA 2013)
Alex is employed at the Western Australian Museum and is involved in the conservation of metals and large technological artefacts. His academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences), Bachelor of Arts (Honours in History), and a Certificate in Museum Studies. Prior to commencing the MMA at Flinders, Alex completed a Masters of Arts (Materials Conservation) at the University of Melbourne. Alex is known for his contribution to the preservation of the SS Xantho steamboat engine which is on display at the Western Australian Maritime Museum and for the conservation and restoration of the Western Australian Museum’s Historical Boat Collection. Alex's primary archaeological interests are in 19th-century steamship technology and nautical design. He is also interested in the pre-settlement interaction of Asiatic people with indigenous Australians.

Kimura, Jun (MMA 2006; PhD 2011)
Jun Kimura is an Australian Research Council Post-doctoral Fellow at Murdoch University. He works for the ARC Linkage project Southeast Asia's global economy, climate and the impact of natural hazards from the 10th to 21st centuries, part of a large international project with McGill University in Canada and Western Australia Museum.

King, Zack (MMA 2009)

Kipping, Darren (MMA 2010)

Knott, Peta (MMA 2007)
Since completing her degree at Flinders, Peta worked for the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Cosmos Archaeology and the School Education Program at the Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney. She recently moved to the UK where she now works for Wessex Archaeology. See what Peta has to say about her degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Kuijlaars, Denise (MMA 2011)
Denise commenced a MMA with a BA and MA in archaeology from the University of Amsterdam. She came to Flinders because there was no comparative complete maritime archaeology program available to her in the Netherlands. With a Masters degree in Mediterranean archaeology, Denise is interested in the social aspects of seafaring in different regions throughout the world. After having worked in the Dutch Antilles, she recently returned to Adelaide and opened up a dive shop Diving Adelaide with her partner Ron.

Lacsina, Ligaya (GCMA 2009)
Gay has worked as a Museum Researcher at the National Museum of the Philippines Archaeology Division since 2004, where she is currently on study leave while she is completing her postgraduate studies at Flinders (see above Postgraduate Research Students).

Lampard (née Briggs), Susan (PhD 2005)
Susan works an archaeologist at AECOM, NSW.

Lake, Steven (MMA 2009)
Steven has been working as a consultant archaeologist in Australia and the UK.

Legra, Ania (MMA)
Ania commenced her degree at Flinders with a BA and BSc from Florida State University. After attending a Flinders University Advanced Maritime Practicum in Saipan, Ania decided to continue with Flinders in a Masters program.  She is interested in issues of exploration, colonisation and trade with a focus on Spanish colonies.

Lent, Kyle (MMA 2012)
BA (Florida State), Kyle came to Flinders as a diver turned archaeologist from Florida where he was introduced to the program in an introductory class taught by Jennifer McKinnon. He is interested in US Naval and Confederate shipwrecks and he enjoys travelling, free diving and meeting new people.

Lewczak, Chris (BArch Hons 2001)
Chris is a senior archaeologist and project manager with Cosmos Archaeology. With over 10 years of working experience as a heritage professional, Chris has completed maritime, historical and Aboriginal archaeological projects in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. His skills range from providing technical heritage advice, historical development mapping, through to managing and undertaking large heritage and archaeological projects. Chris has an extensive field experience in both historical and maritime archaeology, which has made him skilled in identifying and managing cultural heritage matters. See what Chris has to say about his degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Lockhart, Brandy (MMA 2006)
See what Brandy has to say about her degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Lyons, Shane (MMA 2005)
Shane worked for one year as a consultancy archaeologist after which he continued his post-graduate studies in petroleum geology with a minor in geophysics. He is a geologist (GIT) at Terracon Geotechnique, Fort McMurray (Canada's oil sands).

Marshall, Gordon De Laessoe (GDP 1993)

Massey, Toni (BArch Hons 2008)
Toni works as a Heritage Officer in Maritime Archaeology at Heritage Victoria (Department of Planning and Community Development) in Melbourne.

Matic, Ashley (BArch Hons 2001)
See what Ashley has to say about his degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Matthews, Shirley (BA Hons 1999)

McAllister, Madeleine (BArch 2010, MMA 2013f)
Maddy commenced her degree at Flinders with a BA in archaeology. She currently works as a maritime archaeologist at the Department of Maritime Archaeology at the Western Australian Museum (Fremantle, WA).

McRae, Laura (GDPMA)
Chief archaeologist for CAGI and AASI, Laura has studied archaeology for the past twelve years in Central and North America, specializing in archaeological pedagogy, geophysical methods and palaeoshorelines and inundated sites. She received her MA in Anthropology from Trent University in 2006 and postgraduate certification in the Archaeology of Standing Buildings from Leicester University in 2007. Currently, Laura is undertaking a GDMA in Maritime Archaeology from Flinders University and is a Doctoral Student in Archaeology (on hold) at Memorial University in Newfoundland. She has also worked as an archaeologist with the Belizean Government under Dr Jaime Awe and as a Teaching Assistant at Memorial University in St John’s, Newfoundland, Sonoma State University in Sonoma, California, at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario and at the University of Winnipeg in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Messner, Helene (GDPMA 2011)

Miller, Julius (GDPMA 2011)

Milochis, Jenni (GDPMA 2010)
Jenni worked as a full time employee with Australian Cultural Heritage Management (ACHM) before deciding to go travelling. Currently, she is employed as a casual archaeologist with Terra Rosa, mostly in the Pilbara area of Western Australia.

Milowka, Agnes (GDPMA 2007)
Agnes finished her degree and spent time working on a internship with the Lighthouse Maritime Archaeology Program in St. Augustine, Florida USA. She then started a job for the company DiveRite in Florida and Aqua Tech Australia. Sadly, Agnes passed away in 2011.

Mior, Aaron (MMA 2008)

Morris (née Taylor), Cassandra (MMA 2012)

Mushynsky, Julie (MMA 2012)

Muthucumarana, Rasika (GCMA 2009)
Muthu works as a maritime archaeologist and professional photographer at the Maritime Archaeology Unit of Sri Lanka.

Nahabedian, Sarah (MMA 2011)
BSc (Roger Williams University) BA (Roger Williams University).  Sarah's interest in maritime archaeology began when she spent four months in Bermuda. She currently works as a Program Director, Block Island Maritime Institute, USA. See what Sarah has to say about her degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Nash, Michael (MMA 2005)
Mike completed his Masters of Maritime Archaeology degree in 2004 and is continuing his work as a Senior Maritime Heritage Officer with Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service.

Nelson, Nick (BA Hons 1999)
After completing his Honours degree, Nick continued his postgraduate studies in linguistics. Nick now works as a university lecturer in linguistics at Silpakorn University in Bangkok Thailand (but within the Faculty of Archaeology).

Nutley, David (MMA 2006)
David completed his Masters of Maritime Archaeology degree in 2005 and works in consulting archaeology. He is also one of the Australian members of the ICOMOS International Committee on the Underwater Cultural Heritage. See what David has to say about his degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

O'Malley, Pauline (BA Hons 1999)

Opdyke, Mark (MMA 2008)

O'Reilly, Rebecca (BArch Hons 2000)
See what Rebecca has to say about her degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Ortmann, Nicole (MMA 2009)
Nicole lives in Canada and is the Lower Mainland Director for Underwater Archaeology Society for British Columbia.

Papa, Victoria (GCMA 2005)

Pardee, Jeffrey (MMA 2010)

Parkinson, Charles (BA Hons 1998)

Parkinson, James (GDPMA 2009)
James left his role of Operations Manager at Professional Diving Services to move to Stockholm, Sweden in 2013 after 15 years service. Since leaving Flinders University maritime archaeological program in 2009 James has been heavily involved in a number of maritime archaeological projects nationally, highlighted by a maritime archaeological and dive supervisory role on the NT Heritage Department's expeditions to the Florence D and the Sanyo Maru in 2011 and 2012. James was also heavily involved in the excavation program on the Clarence for the Australian Historic Shipwreck Preservation Project as a maritime archaeologist and dive supervisor in early 2012. James is currently working as freelance commercial diver in Europe and in late 2013 has been involved in a number of offshore diving projects in the Southern Sector of the North Sea.

Paterson, Adam (BArch Hons 2005)
After completing his Honours, Adam continued his postgraduate studies at Flinders as a PhD Candidate (see above Postgraduate Research Students). See what Adam has to say about his degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Philippou, Cassandra (BA Hons 1999)
After many years working as a maritime archaeologist for Heritage Victoria in Melbourne, Cass recently took up a position as a Research Assistant Professor and Project Manager with the Australian Historic Shipwreck Preservation Project (School of Social Sciences, The University of Western Australia). See what Cass has to say about her degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Pohl, Gwynneth (MMA)

Quine, Sarah (GCMA 2009)
Sarah Quine completed a BA with a major in Australian Archaeology from LaTrobe University in 1999, since then she has been working extensively in the museum and heritage industry. She is currently working as a curatorial assistant at Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania. Sarah is interested in wreck management, collection management, consumerism and trade to the developing colony of Tasmania. She is a member of AIMA (Australian Institute of Maritime Archaeology), ASHA (Australian Society for Historical Archaeologists), the Australian Maritime Museum Council and the Maritime Archaeology Association of Tasmania.

Ricci, John (MMA 2008)

Richards, Nathan (BA Hons 1998; PhD 2003)
Nathan spent a year working for the Tasmanian Heritage Office in Hobart. His PhD thesis won the SHA dissertation Prize in 2004. He now holds a joint position as the Program Head of a Maritime Heritage Program at the UNC-Coastal Studies Institute (Wanchese, North Carolina) and as an Associate Professor in the Program in Maritime Studies and Nautical Archaeology at East Carolina University (Greenville, North Carolina). See what Nathan has to say about his degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Robinson, Zoe Bambi-Joy (GCMA 2012)

Rodrigues, Jennifer (BA Hons 1999)
Jennifer subsequently completed a MA (Maritime Archaeology) at the University of Southampton, UK, and a PhD at the University of Western Australia in Perth. She now works at the Western Australia Museum's Department of Maritime Archaeology in Fremantle. See what Jennifer has to say about her degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Ross, Peter (MMA 2009)
Peter is a consulting archaeologist in Canada and Australia.

Secci, Massimiliano
 (MMA 2009)
Massi has returned to Italy where he continues his studies as a Research Fellow and PhD Candidate at the Università di Sassari, Storia, Scienze dell'Uomo e della Formazione.

Shefi, Debra (MMA 2006)
After graduating with her MMA, Deb received a position as an Underwater Archaeologist with the Florida Department of State's Program in Underwater Archaeology. She is currently a PhD candidate in the maritime program at Flinders.


Debra Shefi (MMA 2006, PhD 2013)
Debra completed a Masters of Maritime Archaeology in 2006 and a PhD in 2013.  Prior to commencing her PhD in Archaeology, she worked for the Florida Department of State, Bureau of Archaeological Research as a Senior Archaeologist.  During her time at the State of Florida she implemented the Heritage Awareness Diving Program, which works with Course Directors and Instructor Trainers from international diving organizations to teach them why and how to implement heritage awareness into all levels of scuba diving training. She also established Florida's online "Museums in the Sea" ( which provides virtual tours for the Underwater Archaeological Preserves in Florida.  Her current interests include in situ conservation of shipwrecks, public archaeology through on-line resources, and education and outreach through the SCUBA diving community. She currently works as a Research Assistant Professor for the Australian Historic Shipwreck Preservation Project at the University of Western Australia.

Sivaraman (née Matthews), Lydia (BArch Hons 2000)
Lydia spent some time working at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney and is now working as an archaeologist at a consultancy firm.

Sprott, James (MMA 2009)

Staniforth, Mark (PhD 1999)
After completing his PhD, Mark became the first lecturer in maritime archaeology at Flinders and established the graduate program in maritime archaeology in 2002. Mark recently retired from his position as an Associate Professor at Flinders University, but he still has full adjunct status and remains active in the field of maritime archaeology.

Steel, Rhonda (GDPMA 2008)
Rhonda is a Heritage Officer in Maritime Archaeology at Heritage Victoria in the Department of Planning and Community Development.

Steele, Jody (Honours 2000; PhD 2008)
See what Jody has to say about her degree at Flinders on our Careers page.

Tozer, Martin (GCMA 2011)

Van Zandt, David (MMA  2010)
David is the Senior Principal Engineer for Zin Technologies Inc. and is the Director/Chief Archaeologist of the Cleveland Underwater Explorers (CLUE) a non-profit corporation whose membership includes divers, historians, and archaeologists who are dedicated to researching, locating, exploring, and documenting the shipwrecks and submerged cultural heritage worldwide with an emphasis on the Great Lakes of the United States.

Viduka, Andy (MMA 2009)
Andy works as the Assistant Director Maritime Heritage, in the Australian Government, Wildlife, Heritage and Marine Division, Department of the Environment. He manages the Commonwealth Historic Shipwreck Program. Andy led the successful development of Australia’s national research project on in situ preservation and reburial and currently focuses on shared heritage management, international capacity building projects and linking community outcomes with the discovery and protection of Australia’s underwater cultural heritage.

Waterson, Paddy (GCMA 2006)
Paddy currently works for the Queensland's Department of Environment and Resource Management as their maritime archaeologist.

Welsh, Bill (MMA 2007)

Wilkinson, Danielle (MMA 2013)
Danielle Wilkinson commenced her degree at Flinders with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Australia, majoring in Archaeology and Classical and Ancient History. While completing a Masters in Maritime Archaeology at Flinders University, she commenced her current position as an archaeologist at Cosmos Archaeology. Danielle is the President of ‘Take the Plunge—Protect Australia’s Heritage’, a student organised movement to promote awareness and support for the Australian government’s ratification of the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. She has field experience on projects in South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria and Western Australia.

Williams, Brad (GCMA 2004)

Williams, Brian (MMA 2008)

Wilson, Dennis (MMA 2013)
Dennis holds a BA in Anthropology with a minor in Biology from the University of Western Ontario in Canada. After working in terrestrial Cultural resource management at home, Dennis chose to come to Australia and turn his love for maritime culture into a career. His interests include colonial era British ships and trade.

Wimmer, Martin (BArch Hons 2006)

Winslow, Karson (GDPMA 2009)
After completing her postgraduate diploma in maritime archaeology, Karson worked as a crew member and cook aboard a tall ship. She is now employed as an archaeological staff member at the St Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research (SECAR).

Winton, Trevor (GCMA 2005)

Woodford, Zach (MMA 2007)

Zwart, Dianna (MMA 2006)
Dianna works as a maritime advisor at a consultancy company in the Netherlands.