There are various scholarships available for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in the Department of Archaeology, either through a research higher degree or a coursework program. 

Australian Government Supported Scholarhips

In particular, the Australian Government offers a range of different scholarships for both International and Domestic students through the Higher Education Group, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations  - you can find out more information by clicking here. Some of the key scholarships provided by the Australian Government are listed below.

  Australian Scholarships

Australian Scholarships offers educational and professional development awards to citizens of the Asia-Pacific region.   Established in 2006 by the Australian Government, Australian Scholarships promotes development and excellence in education and aims to build mutual understanding between Australia and its Asia-Pacific partners.   These awards are available to high achievers from participating countries in the Asia-Pacific as well as for Australians wishing to study overseas.

Australia Awards (including the Australia Awards Scholarhips and Australia Awards Fellowships)

The Australian Government foreign aid program provides for a limited number of scholarships for international students from developing countries to study in Australia. These scholarships are administered by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID).  

The Australia Awards Scholarships are available to many countries under agreements for development assistance from Australia.

Up to 1000 Australian Development Scholarships are awarded each year across 31 countries, with scholarships awarded equally between men and women.  Managed by AusAID, they are designed to strengthen human resource capacity in Australia's partner countries to contribute to long-term development needs and promote greater stability within the Asia-Pacific region. The scholarship numbers and fields of study for each country are determined annually in close consultation with partner governments.

ADS are offered in two categories: Public and Open/Equity. The government or employer in a partner country nominates candidates for scholarships in the public category. Individuals may independently apply for a scholarship in the open/equity category, subject to any country-specific selection and eligibility criteria. 

If you are interested in pursuing this scholarship you will need to apply for it in your home country – the closing dates vary for each country. 

For more information about the Australia Awards Scholarships please click here.

  Endeavour Awards

The Endeavour Awards are an internationally competitive, merit-based scholarship program that forms part of the Australian Government's $1.4 billion Australian Scholarships initiative.  The Endeavour Awards bring leading researchers, executives and students to Australia to undertake short or long term study, research and professional development in a broad range of disciplines and enables Australians to do the same abroad.  International students wishing to study in Australia through the Endeavour Program should click here for further information.

Other scholarship opportunities

AINSE Post-Graduate Awards

The Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE) offers awards for postgraduate students whose research projects are associated with nuclear science, or its applications, and require access to the unique national facilities at the Lucas Heights Science & Technology Centre. 

Post-graduate Research Awards are offered by AINSE for suitably qualified persons wishing to undertake studies in AINSE's field of interest for a higher degree at a member university of AINSE (Please note that Flinders University IS a member university of AINSE and so our students are eligible to apply).  Applications for study in will be received up to 15 April 2008. Applications for PGRAs will also be considered, as in past years, where the research aligns with the broad spectrum of research foci supported by AINSE.  A full list of over 100 major and minor facilities facilities is available on request.

Applications are particularly encouraged in fields which are related to the research activities of the Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (ANSTO) at Lucas Heights, Australia.

  • Research Supplements are the principal form of award and are offered to scholars who are (or will be) in receipt of an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) or equivalent scholarship.
  • Supplement Stipend: $7,500 pa.
  • The award also provides $5,500 pa for costs involved in using the facilities and services at Lucas Heights. Certain travel and accommodation costs to enable students to work at Lucas Heights are also provided.
  • Responsibility for establishing taxation liability lies with the recipient.
  • Candidates for an AINSE Postgraduate Research Supplement must be nominated by the Australian or New Zealand university where PhD enrolment is held or proposed for tenure commencing before 30 June of the year of application. The university must be a member of AINSE.

Further details about these awards, along with the guidelines and online application forms can be accessed through the AINSE website.  For archaeology students these awards are particularly useful for analytical studies in the areas of radiocarbon dating, geochemistry and isotope studies.

Australian Federation of University Women - South Australia

The Australian Federation of University Women – South Australia (AFUW-SA) Inc. Trust Fund annually awards over $100,000 in bursaries to assist people who are undertaking tertiary studies at Australian universities.

Most of the bursaries are aimed at people undertaking PhDs or Masters degrees, either by research or coursework.

The Padnendadlu bursaries, which are specifically for Indigenous Australian women studying at South Australian universities, include bursaries for women studying at undergraduate, graduate diploma and higher degree levels.

This scholarship is for study in Australia. There are no restrictions on citizenship.

 Francis Regan Student Scholarship

The Francis Regan Student Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to a student who is enrolled in an Honours degree or Masters degree in Education, Humanities or Law at Flinders University and who is undertaking a research or creative project in any area of social justice. The scholarship is intended to support a student who has demonstrated a commitment to social justice issues through employment, study, volunteer work or in some other way. Subject to the availability of funds, the scholarship will be offered annually and will be for the sum of $1,000.

View rules for this scholarship scheme.

 May Mills Scholarship for Women

The purpose of the May Mills Scholarship for Women is to encourage women, who have experienced significant interruptions to their studies due to family responsibilities, to proceed to a research higher degree at Flinders University.

The May Mills Scholarship for Women will be offered to women to undertake a program of study that will qualify them for admission to a research higher degree. Such studies may include Honours programs, postgraduate coursework studies or programs of bridging studies.

The value of each scholarship will be $9,000. The number to be awarded each year will be decided by the University.

View rules for this scholarship scheme.

IFUW International Awards

The International Federation of University Women offers a limited number of international fellowships and grants to women graduates for postgraduate research, study and training.  They are open only to women graduates who are members of IFUW's national federations and associations and to IFUW Independent Members.  Students in any branch of learning may apply.  Fellowships are offered for the second and subsequent years of a doctoral program and for post-doctoral studies.  First year doctoral students to no qualify.  Grants are offered for any post-graduate program.  The awards may be used in any country other than the one in which the applicant was educated or habitually resides.

How to find other scholarships ...

JASON (Joint Academic Scholarship Online Network) is a search engine that contains information about postgraduate scholarships.  The scholarships in the database apply to Australian students wishing to study abroad or at home, and to international students wishing to study in Australia. Likewise, the Hot Courses Scholarship Search website can be searched to see what scholarships, bursaries and awards might be available to you.