Occasional Master Classes in Archaeology and Heritage Management 

Each year, the Archaeology Department coordinates a series of specialist masters classes. These classes are intended as a supplement to formal topics, offering students the chance to learn about specialist topics that they may not ordinarily have much exposure to. The series is occasional and reflects the availability of specialist speakers throughout the semester, so there will be weeks where there are no classes scheduled. All Graduate students are welcome to attend these classes, while some are also available to Undergraduates. Enrolments are essential.

Certificates of completion will be provided to all participants. These will be emailed to students who attended the week after the class in question.

If you have feedback about classes, or want to suggest a topic for a future class, please email Dr Mick Morrison.

Series Coordinator: mick.morrison@flinders.edu.au
Administration: archaeology.mastersclass@flinders.edu.au

Please Note:
1. Enrolments close two days prior to the advertised class time;
2. Classes are subject to change at short notice (e.g. time, room location). Please check your email the day before any class to ensure that you have the most up to date information;
3. Please notify us if you are enrolled but are unable to attend. Please provide at least 24 hours notice so that we can make your place available to other students. If you do not do this you may be excluded from the next two (2) classes, except where there is a genuine emergency.

Master Classes - Semester Two 2015

An Introduction to Agisoft Photoscan: 3D Photogrammetry for Archaeology - 9 October 2015
by Jonathan Benjamin, Department of Archaeology

This half-day workshop will introduce students to the basic principles of photogrammetry for archaeological site and material recording. Students will be introduced to the software package Agisoft Photoscan and will be able to practice acquiring and processing a photogrammetric model. Techniques for image recording and file preparation will also be discussed.

Note: It is expected that the new computer lab will be functional and software will be provided for the seminar, however students can also download a free trial of photoscan, and are encouraged to do so prior to the Master Class.

Location: TBA
Date: Friday 9 October 2015
10:00am-4:00pm with a lunch break
There is no cost
Contact person:
Jonathan Benjamin
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Colonial Firepower: A primer on Firearms-related Artefacts for Australian Archaeologists - 16 October 2015
A masterclass by Dr Nicolas Grguric

Firearms played a significant role in the colonization and defence of Australia in the 19th century and firearms-related artefacts frequently occur on Australian archaeological sites. However, these artefacts are often misunderstood, and the chronological and interpretative data that they can provide is often under-utilised. This Master Class will present a chronology of firearms use and development in 19th century Australia, as well as provide a practical guide for archaeologists for the identification, description, and interpretation of firearms-related artefacts.

Location: Humanities Room 112
Date: Friday 16 October
Time: 10:00am-12noon
Cost: There is no cost
Contact person: Mick Morrison
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Archaeology Laboratory WHS Induction Session – 23 October 2015
by John Naumann, Department of Archaeology

A masterclass for Graduate Students who have prospective projects requiring use of the new laboratory facilities.

Graduate students who wish to use the new facilities in the Archaeology Laboratories will not be allowed to do so unless they have completed a compulsory WHS Induction Session. This session will cover basic occupational health and safety requirements in relation to Flinders University laboratory policy, procedures and regulations. Students who completed the WHS induction for the old labs (SSS) are required to undertake a WHS induction for the new labs (HUMNS) before commencing research.

Location: Flinders Campus, Humanities 113 (Archaeology Research Lab)
Date:  Friday 23 Oct 2015
Time:  9am-11am
Costs: There is no cost.
Equipment: Nil
Contact person:  John Naumann
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Knots and Splices – 30 October 2015 - (back by popular demand!)
by John Naumann, Department of Archaeology


While knots, splices, and ropes were the everyday fare for maritime persons in days gone by, “city-slickers” need to be taught how to tie good, useful knots and they need to practice this skill.  This is not just a maritime skill either – every time you take a trailer out for terrestrial fieldwork you need to tie it down properly and safely, so knowing how to tie a good knot is an essential skill for all successful archaeological fieldwork.  

This wide ranging master class with Technical Officer and knot-wizard, John Naumann, will look at types of rope, how to care for rope, how to coil it and, of course, how to tie it.  John will cover a range of useful knots and splices for marine/maritime and terrestrial fieldwork.  Some of the knots covered will include the reef knot, sheet bend and double, double figure eight, bowline, eye splice and whipping.  The class will also practise the ever useful “truckies’ knot” (also known as the Waggoner’s hitch)—which is the ‘must have’ knot for any would-be serious archaeologist—rope work, throwing and pullies.

Location:  Flinders Campus, Humanities 112 (Archaeology Lab)
Date:  Friday 30 October
Time:  9.30am-1.00pm
Cost:  There is no cost
Contact person:  John Naumann
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