Master Classes in Archaeology - 2015

Please Note:

1. Precise times of Master Classes are subject to change.  Make sure you check this web page again before attending any Master Class.

2. Owing to our need to book classrooms and in some cases vehicles and accommodation, we would ask that people please book in for the classes they are interested in at least 3 weeks in advance.   

 3. Graduate students will be given preference for all Master classes; undergraduate students SHOULD NOT APPLY unless the class specifically states that it is available to undergraduates.

If you are unable to attend a master class you have signed up for, as a matter of professional courtesy, please email Students who do not give prior warning of their non-attendance of at least 24 hours (without a genuine emergency) will be excluded from the next two (2) classes they wish to attend. Students who repeatedly fail to notify of their non-attendance will be excluded from all future master classes.

Master Classes Semester Two 2015

Treasure ships: Art in the Age of Spices - 31 July 2015
This master class is held at the Art Gallery of SA and entails a special tour by James Bennett, Curator of Asian Art.

Please note that this class is restricted to 11 students and the cost, which is the entrance fee, is to be paid on arrival at the Art Gallery.

Art in the Age of Spices is the first exhibition in Australia to present the complex artistic and cultural interactions between Europe and Asia from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries—a period known as the Age of Spices.  This exhibition includes 300 outstanding and rarely-seen works of ceramics, decorative arts, furniture, metalware, paintings, prints and textiles from public and private collections in Australia, India, Portugal, Singapore and the United States. The works of art selected reveal how the international trade in spices and other exotic commodities inspired dialogue between Asian and European artists, a centuries old conversation whose heritage is the aesthetic globalism we know today.
A highlight of the exhibition will be a diverse range of Christian artwork created at ports such as Goa and Nagasaki on loan from Portugal and India as well as the inclusion of two works from the personal collection of Queen Adelaide (1792–1849) after whom the city of Adelaide is named. Another highlight are some artefacts retrieved from VOC ship Batavia, which sank off the Western Australian coast in the seventeenth century.
So, enrol! Especially, our maritime archaeology students! For more information 
Location: Depart from Humanities Car Park 5
Date: Friday, 31 July 2015
Time: 9:00am - return to campus 2pm
Costs: $15 entrance fee
Contact person: Wendy van Duivenvoorde
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