In addition to the many 'standard' topics available within our Graduate Programs, the Department of Archaeology regularly offers a range of extra-curricular professional development classes as part of our DIRT (Directed Industry-Ready Training) Program aimed at both students and professionals working in archaeology and heritage management. These classes may be delivered by staff within the Department of Archaeology, or by specialists and professionals from outside the university (e.g. staff from TAFE deliver specialist surveying and photography workshops, visiting researchers from other institutions might offer a master class during their visit, or heritage professionals from consulting firms and government agencies might provide a speciality master class). These professional development classes typically fall into three categories, depending on duration and content:

  • Short courses are typically field schools, and are worth 4.5 units of credit. They are typically run in an intensive mode for between 5-12 days in length. Short courses usually have a cost associated with them, typically to cover the costs of transport, accommodation and meals, and are often run at locations beyond Adelaide.  For anyone not enrolled at Flinders, all of our field schools are offered as short courses. 

  • Workshops are usually of much shorter duration and typically last only 1-2 days. These sometimes have a small cost associated with them, usually to cover the costs of bringing in outside expertise to deliver the workshop and associated course materials.  

  • Master classes are shorter again, and can run for anywhere between 2 and 8 hours, depending on the content. These sometimes have a small cost associated with them, usually to cover the costs of bringing in outside expertise to deliver the master class session and associated course materials. Master classes cover a range of specialist and generalist skills not available through other topics.

  • Auditing (or attending a topic out of general interest) is a great, low cost way for students or the general public to expand their knowledge base without undertaking assessment. As part of the Graduate Programs in Archaeology, CHM and Maritime Archaeology at Flinders University auditors may attend lectures, tutorials and lab classes and will be asked to have the class teacher sign off on their attendance (please note that field schools and field topics can not be audited). At the completion of the degree the department will provide a letter confirming the student's attendance in audited topics. 

    Anyone may apply to participate in Professional Development activities, with all elements of the program available to all Archaeology graduate students and the general public. Students enrolled in our Graduate Programs are regularly emailed about upcoming professional development classes, and a calendar of events is maintained on our Graduate FLO site, 'The Sandbox'. Anyone external to Flinders can keep up to date with offerings in our Professional Development Program and other happenings in and around the Department by subscribing to the FUAD list-server.