Our higher degree (PhD, MA), Graduate Masters and Honours programs all reflect the research activities of members of staff and the current research strengths in archaeology at Flinders

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Belinda Duke
The Hidden Landscapes of the Cambodian Early Modern Period (c. 1400-1700)

Kevin Edwards
From Ship to Shore to Shelf: a relational analysis of the Zeewijk shipwreck survivor camp assemblages

Simon Munt
A Technological and Functional Analysis of Flaked Stone and Glass Technology from Frontier Conflict Regions around Calperum Station, South Australia

Enrique Aragon
Maritime connectivity and cultural repercussions along coastal Languedoc in the pre-colonial period (8th-6th BC)

Susan Arthure
An Archaeological Study of Irish Social Identity in Nineteenth Century South Australia (Baker's Flat)

Kurt Bennett
An archaeological investigation of English East Indiaman ship design and construction during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Omaima Ahmed El Deeb
Ancient shipwrecks along the Alexandrian Coastline - a comparative study based on amphorae evidence

Sarah Hutchinson
Bioarchaeology, Diet and Health of Late Holocene Coastal Hunter-Gatherers of the Adelaide Plains, South Australia

Kylie Lower
Belonging to the Ngadjuri Landscape

John McCarthy
3D survey and reconstruction of large Dutch trading vessels in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Adrian Mollenmans
An Analysis of the Holocene Coastal Economy on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia via a Case Study at Point Pearce Peninsula/Burgiyana and Adjacent Islands

Stephen Muller
‘This Lovely Child so Young and Fair’: Child Memorialisation and the Construction of ‘Childhood’ in the Australian Cemetery Landscape from Colonial Times to the Present

Jordan Ralph
Contemporary contact: an archaeology of modern material culture in Barunga, NT

Craig Westell
A Tale of Four Rivers: Transformations in the Peopled Landscapes of the Murray River Corridor, Riverland Region of South Australia

Robert Jones
An analysis of the ecological, social and economic contexts associated with mid-late Holocene Indigenous Australian earth mounds

Jarrad Kowlessar
The Use of Geomatics in Rock Art Studies

Michael Everet
Geoarchaeology of the Soyo Site, Northern Mongolia

Tiago Attore
The Use of Geophysical Methods in Archaeological Rockshelters

Master of Arts

Bernadine De Beaux
The Tombs of the Living Dead: A Critical Analysis of the Social Construction of Gender and Space of Ascetic Anchorite Cells in Medieval England and Scotland.