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Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde and Kevin Edwards (in partnership with Alistair Paterson [UWA], Jeremy Green [WA Museum], Elisabeth Smits [UvA], Daniel Franklin [UWA], David Lumley [Curtin], Jeffrey Shragge [UWA], Paul Bourke [UNSW], Andrew Woods [Curtin], Martijn Manders [RCE], Michael Nash [ParksTAS],  Ed Punchard [Prospero], Roelof Hol and Johan van Langen [NatArchNL]).

The project investigates Europeans active in the Indian Ocean and our region during the 17th and 18th centuries through the unique window into the past provided by maritime archaeological sites. A strategic international alliance of university and museum researchers will return to shipwreck sites excavated over 40 years ago to examine how approaches to maritime archaeological sites have changed over time in terms of new research questions and new technologies. Outcomes include new interpretation of significant European and Australian histories and sites in academic and popular outputs. Significantly the project will help formulate future study protocols for maritime cultural heritage.

Current major grants:
ARC Linkage, LP130100137

Selected publications:
Van Duivenvoorde, W., 2015 Dutch East India Company (VOC) Shipbuilding: The Archaeological Study of Batavia and Other Seventeenth-Century VOC Ships, College Station: Texas A&M University Press. Ed Rachal Series in Nautical Archaeology. ISBN-10: 1623491797, ISBN-13: 978-1623491796.,8171.aspx

Van Duivenvoorde, W. 2016 Dutch seaman Dirk Hartog (1583–1621) and his ship Eendracht. The Great Circle 37.1:1-30.

Van Duivenvoorde, W., B. Kaiser,  L. Megens and W. van Bronswijk 2015 Pigments from the Zuiddorp ship sculpture: Red, white, and blue? Journal of Post-medieval Archaeology 49.2:274–297. DOI: 10.1179/0079423615Z.00000000084.

Van Duivenvoorde, W. 2015 The use of copper and lead sheathing in VOC shipbuilding. International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 44.2:349–361. DOI: 10.1111/1095-9270.12118.

Van Duivenvoorde, W., M. Polzer  and P. Downes 2013 Hoaxes and folklore: Inscriptions associated with the Vergulde Draak (1656) and Zuiddorp (1712) shipwrecking events. Australian Archaeology 77:52–65. On-line:

Current Postgraduate Projects: 
Kevin Edwards (PhD): Remains of the Day: The Archaeology of Shipwreck Survivor Camps Associated with the VOC ship Zeewijk (1727). Supervisors: Wendy Van Duivenvoorde and Heather Burke.