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Professor Claire Smith and Associate Professor Amy Roberts

This research seeks to enrich archaeological understandings of Indigenous cultures, past and present, by drawing upon Indigenous knowledge systems for both theoretical orientation and methodological innovation. Some of the students in this area are Indigenous scholars. Sub-projects range from ecological understandings of past cultural landscapes to contemporary cultural and intellectual property issues.

Current Postgraduate Projects:
Kylie Lower (PhD) Belonging to the Ngadjuri Landscape. Supervisors: Claire Smith and Alice Gorman.

Kellie Pollard (PhD) Archaeology in the Long Grass. Supervisors: Claire Smith and Heather Burke.

Chris Wilson (PhD) Change and Continuity in Ngarrindjeri Ruwe/Ruwar: A Critical 'Indigenist' Approach to Interpreting the 'Archaeology' of the Lower Murray River, South Australia. Supervisors: Claire Smith and Steve Hemming.

Kelly Wiltshire (PhD) Connection and Continuation?Investigating Ngarrindjeri land use of Waltowa Wetland. Supervisors: Mick Morrison, Steve Hemming and Claire Smith.

Selected Publications:
Nicholas, G., A.L. Roberts, J. Watkins, L. Leader-Elliott, D. Schaepe and S. Rowley 2011 A consideration of theory, principles and practice in collaborative archaeology. Cambridge Archaeological Review 26(2):11-30.

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Smith, C. 2005 Decolonising the Museum: The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. Antiquity 79:424-39.

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