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Associate Professor Amy Roberts, Dr Madeline Fowler, Belinda Liebelt

Collaborating Institutions:
Narungga Aboriginal Corporation Regional Authority, Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation and Point Pearce Aboriginal Council

This project investigates the archaeological and anthropological signatures of numerous 'hidden histories' for the Narungga people of Yorke Peninsula (Guuranda), South Australia.The involvement of Narungga people in fishing, maritime and pastoral work in the Point Pearce Peninsula (Burgiyana) region has to date been a primary focus.

Current Major Grants:
Berndt Foundation

Selected Publications:

Fowler, M., A.L. Roberts and L-I. Rigney 2019 The sounds of colonization: an examination of bells at Point Pearce Aboriginal Mission Station/Burgiyana, South Australia. In T. Äikäs and A. Salmi (eds), The Sound of Silence: Indigenous Perspectives on the Historical Archaeology of Colonialism, pp.15-38. New York and Oxford: Berghan Books.

Fowler, M., A.L. Roberts, L-I. and Rigney 2016 The ‘very stillness of things’: Object biographies of sailcloth and fishing net from the Point Pearce Aboriginal Mission (Burgiyana) colonial archive, South Australia. World Archaeology DOI: 10.1080/00438243.2016.1195770.

Fowler, M., A.L. Roberts, F. Graham, L. Sansbury and C. Sansbury 2015 Seeing Narungga (Aboriginal) land from the sea: A case study from Point Pearce/Burgiyana, South Australia. Australasian Bulletin for Maritime Archaeology 39.

Fowler, M., A.L. Roberts, J. McKinnon, C. O'Loughlin and F. Graham 2014 "They camped here always": An exploration of the concept 'archaeologies of attachment' in a seascape context via a case study at Wardang Island (Waraldi/Wara-dharldhi) and Point Pearce Peninsula (Burgiyana), South Australia. Australasian Historical Archaeology 32:14-22.

Liebelt, B., A.L. Roberts, C. O’Loughlin and D. Milera 2016 ‘We had to be off by sundown’: Narungga contributions to farming industries on Yorke Peninsula (Guuranda), South Australia. Aboriginal History 40:89-117.

Roberts, A.L., M. Fowler and T. Sansbury 2014 A report on the exhibition entitled 'Children, Boats and 'Hidden Histories': Crayon Drawings by Aboriginal Children at Point Pearce Mission (SA), 1939'. Australasian Bulletin for Maritime Archaeology 28:24-30.

Roberts, A.L., J. McKinnon, C. O'Loughlin, K. Wanganeen, L-R. Rigney and M. Fowler 2013 Combining Indigenous and maritime archaeological approaches: Experiences and insights from the '(Re)locating Narrunga Project', Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. Journal of Maritime Archaeology 8(1):77-99 (DOI 10.1007/s11457-013-9108-2).

Completed Theses:

Leibelt, B. 2017  'As long as nothing changes': Narungga Aboriginal heritage in rural farming landscapes, Yorke Peninsula/Guuranda, South Australia. Doctor of Philosophy, UWA.

Fowler, M. 2015 'Now, are you going to believe this or not?' Addressing Neglected Narratives through the Maritime Cultural Landscape of Point Pearce Aboriginal Mission/Burgiyana, South Australia. Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Archaeology, Flinders University, Adelaide.