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Associate Professor Heather Burke, Dr Lynley Wallis (Wallis Heritage Consulting), Bryce Barker (University of Southern Queensland), Iain Davidson (University of New England), Noelene Cole and Elizabeth Hatte (Northern Archaeology Consultancies Pty Ltd) and Dr Larry Zimmerman (Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, USA)

As the first systematic archaeological study of the Queensland Native Mounted Police, this project focusses on the material evidence for the activities, living and working conditions of Aboriginal troopers, the relationships between them and European officers, and the oral histories of conflict held by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. By combining material, oral and historical evidence from a range of sites across central and northern Queensland it will enable us to understand more fully the labour, lives and legacies of the Native Police. It will provide an alternative lens through which to understand the nature of frontier conflict, initiate new understandings of the Aboriginal and settler experience and contribute to global studies of Indigenous responses to colonialism.

Current major grants:
ARC Discovery Project 160100307 (2016-2020)

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Selected Publications
Burke, H., B. Barker, N. Cole, L.A. Wallis, E. Hatte, I. Davidson and K. Lowe 2018 The Queensland Native Police and strategies of recruitment on the Queensland frontier 1849-1901. Journal of Australian Studies 42(3)

Lowe, K., N. Cole, H. Burke, L.A. Wallis, B. Barker, E. Hatte and Rinyirru Aboriginal Corporation 2018 The archaeological signature of ‘ant bed’ mound floors in the northern tropics of Australia: a case study on the Lower Laura (Boralga) Native Mounted Police Camp, Cape York Peninsula. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 19: 686-700. [10.1016/j.jasrep.2018.04.008]

Burke, H, L.A. Wallis, B. Barker, M. Tutty, I. Davidson, E. Hatte, N. Cole and K. Lowe 2017 The homestead as fortress: fact or folklore? Aboriginal History 41:151-177. [Web Link]

Wallis, L.A., I. Davidson, H. Burke, S.A. Mitchell, B. Barker, E. Hatte, N. Cole and K. Lowe 2017 Aboriginal stone huts along the Georgina River, southwest Queensland. Queensland Archaeological Research 20:1-8.
[10.25120/qar.20.2017] [10.25120/qar.20.2017.3584]

Current Postgraduate Projects
Leanne Bateman (USQ, PhD) Aboriginal-European Interaction on the Queensland Frontier: An Archaeological Study of the Boralga Native Police Camp, Cape York Peninsula. Supervisors: Bryce Barker, Noelene Cole, Lynley Wallis and Heather Burke.

Ursula Artym (Hons) Exploring Officer-Trooper Relationships of the Queensland Native Police Force, Boulia. Supervisors: Heather Burke and Lynley Wallis.

Completed Theses:
Nicolas Grguric 2007 Fortified Homesteads: The Architecture of Fear in Frontier South Australia and the Northern Territory, ca 1847-1885.  Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Archaeology, Flinders University, Adelaide.