Professor Donald Pate, Associate Professor Mick Morrison, Dr Ian Moffat, Associate Professor Amy Roberts, Dr Jonathan Benjamin, Dr Wendy Van Duivenvoorde, Dr Martin Polkinghorne, Associate Professor Heather Burke, Dr Mike Morley, Dr Ania Kotarba-Morley

Professor Donald Pate, Associate Professor Mick Morrison and Dr Ian Moffat

Economic archaeology, environmental archaeology, palaeoecology, bioarchaeology, archaeological chemistry, political economy, food production, diet, health.

This research group explores the nexus between social and economic dynamics, human health and environmental change from an archaeological perspective. Research within this group is unified by three key aims: to articulate trajectories of economic and social change through time; to understand the bodily manifestations of these dynamics via bioarchaeological investigations of human health, diet and trauma, and finally; to explore relationships with palaeoenvironmental dynamics. Researchers within this group generate new knowledge on human diet, food production systems, health and the exchange and distribution of material goods. We explore economic and social diversity among hunter-gatherer and agricultural societies, the broad spectrum revolution, domiculture and domestication and intensive agricultural economies. What were the social, ecological and economic conditions that helped to stimulate these and other innovations in diverse global settings?

Ochre Archaeomicrobiology: A New Tool for Understanding Aboriginal Exchange

Adelaide Hills Face Zone Cultural Heritage Project

Advanced Imaging Methods for Bioarchaeological Analyses of Ancient and Mummified Human Remains

Bioarchaeology and Health in Late Holocene Coastal Hunter-Gatherers of the Adelaide Plains, South Australia

Bioarchaeology of the Roonka Archaeological Site

Chronology, Diet, Mobility and Cultural Interaction Amongst Holocene Chilean Populations

Detection of Unmarked Graves

Early Colonial Health, Diet and Social Differentiation in Adelaide, South Australia and Sydney, New South Wales

Holocene Broad Spectrum Diets in Northern Australia

LANGAU – From Mine to Foundry: The Study of Copper-based Metallurgy in Angkor and the Khmer Kingdom

Pleistocene-Holocene Transitions in the Murray River Valley

Sisatchanalai, Sukhothai and Maenam Noi: Characterisation and exchange of 15th – 17th CE century stoneware sherds from northern and central Thailand by Neutron Activation Analysis

The Drumbeat of Human Evolution: Climate Proxies from Rockshelter Sediments