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Professor Donald Pate, Dr Pam Smith (Project Co-ordinator), Dr Susan Piddock, Rob Keane, Lyn Leader-Elliott (Flinders University), Dr Keryn Walshe (South Australian Museum)

This long-term research project focused on historical settlement and landscape use in the Adelaide Hills Face Zone of South Australia was originally funded by an ARC Linkage Grant of $1,031,828 (between 2002 and 2005), and the following Industry Partners: Boral Resources, National Parks and Wildlife SA, Planning SA, SA Tourism Commission, Adelaide Hills Council, Burnside City Council, Onkaparinga City Council, Mitcham City Council, Marion City Council, Tea Tree Gully City Council.
More recently, this project has received three Community Development Grants from the City of Mitcham to continue research at the Mitcham Water Works and to develop the Mitcham Hills Heritage GIS app.

GIS Project Links:
Hills Face Cultural Heritage Sites
Mitcham Hills Heritage Sites

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Note: All 22 chapters are now available on request in PDF format. Contact Pamela Smith. Available as an ebook from mid-2017

Smith, P.A., Walshe, K., Burns, A. 2017 Glenthorne on the Field River. To be launched mid- 2017 with the Friends of Glenthorne Inc.

Smith, P., S. Piddock, and F.D. Pate, Editors 2004-5 Historic Sites and Landscapes. Hills Face Zone Cultural Heritage Project Reports, Volumes 1-6. Adelaide: Kopi Books. Note: All six volumes are now available on request in PDF format email Pamela Smith

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Completed Theses:
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