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Professor Donald Pate (Flinders University), James Bewes, Andrew Low (Royal Adelaide Hospital), Antony Morphett, Lars Kruse (Dr Jones and Partners, Medical Imaging), Maciej Henneberg, Laura Weyrich (University of Adelaide), Barry Craig, Aphrodite Hindson, Eleanor Adams (South Australian Museum)

This is a new collaborative research project initiated by Donald Pate and James Bewes in late 2015. It examines advanced radiological imaging methods of ancient skeletons and mummified human remains as a contribution to research in bioarchaeology and physical anthropology. In addition DNA analyses of various tissues will be employed in association with the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA at the University of Adelaide. Initial research involves the Egyptian mummy collection at the SA Museum. Future research will be extended to pre-contact and historical Australian skeletal remains.

Current Funding:
This project is funded by existing radiological infrastructure at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and other partner medical facilities and by support from the South Australian Museum and Australian Centre for Ancient DNA.

Selected Publications:
Bewes, J.M., A. Morphett, F.D. Pate, M. Henneberg, A.J. Low, L. Kruse, B. Craig, A. Hindson and E. Adams 2016 Imaging ancient and mummified specimens: Dual-energy CT and effective atomic number imaging of two ancient Egyptian cat mummies. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 8: 173-177.