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Professor Donald Pate, Dr Mick Morrison, Dr Ian Moffat, Tim Owen (Godden Mackay Ltd., Sydney; Flinders University), Jeffrey Newchurch (Kaurna National Cultural Heritage Committee), Neale Draper, Colin Pardoe (Neale Draper and Associates), Maciej Henneberg, Renata Henneberg, Laura Weyrich (University of Adelaide), James Bewes (Royal Adelaide Hospital)

This is a new long-term collaborative research project initiated by the Kaurna National Cultural Heritage Committee in 2015 in consultation with Tim Owen and Donald Pate. The project emerged from years of heritage management projects with the Kaurna. It examines late Holocene hunter-gatherer lifeways associated with coastal shell middens and related archaeological sites in the Adelaide region employing methods from bioarchaeology, physical anthropology, diagnostic radiology, archaeological chemistry, ancient DNA, zooarchaeology, environmental archaeology, and stone tool analyses.

Selected Publications:
Owen, T.D., D.R. Cowie and S. Pickles 2015 Stories from Kaurna. Redfern, N.S.W.: GML Heritage.

Owen, T.D. and F.D. Pate 2014 A Kaurna burial, Salisbury, South Australia: Further evidence for complex late Holocene Aboriginal social systems in the Adelaide region. Australian Archaeology 79:45-53.

Associated PhD Projects:
Sarah Hutchinson (commenced 2016) Bioarchaeology and Health of Late Holocene Coastal Hunter-Gatherers of the Adelaide Plains, South Australia.