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Professor Donald Pate, Dr Ian Moffat, Tim Owen (Godden Mackay Ltd., Sydney), Maciej Henneberg (University of Adelaide), Renata Henneberg, Tim Anson, Laura Weyrich (University of Adelaide), James Bewes (Royal Adelaide Hospital)

This is an ongoing collaborative research project addressing diet, health, social status and geographic origin of European migrant populations in Adelaide and Sydney, Initial research has involved the Old Sydney Burial Ground and St Mary's Anglican Cemetery, Adelaide.

Current Funding:
Faculty of EHL Medium Grant: $4850 (Pate, Owen, Moffat)
Geographic Origin of 19th Century European Migrants Recorded in the Stable Isotope and Trace
Element Composition of Tooth Enamel at a Colonial South Australian Cemetery

Selected Publications:
Pate, F.D. and T.J. Anson 2012 Stable isotopes and dietary composition in a mid-late 19th century Anglican population, Adelaide, South Australia. Journal of the Anthropological Society of South Australia 35: 1-16.

Pate, F.D. 2008 Geographic origin and mobility recorded in the chemical composition of human tissues. In Forensic Approaches to Death, Disaster and Abuse. M. Oxenham, ed. Pp. 177-188. Brisbane: Australian Academic Press.

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Pate, F.D. 2006 Population expansion in early colonial Adelaide as reflected in gravestones and cemetery monuments 1836-1865. In Valleys of Stone: The Archaeology and History of Adelaide’s Hills Face. P.Smith, F.D. Pate and R. Martin, eds. Pp. 56-68. Adelaide: Kopi Books.
Current Masters Project:
Parrington, A. The Use of Symbols on Victorian Cemetery Monuments for Anglican and Catholic Religious Group Identification and Differentiation: Urban versus Rural Cultural Contexts, Adelaide, South Australia (1870-1899). Master of Archaeology and Heritage Management.

Completed Theses:
Adamson, M. 2012 Sex and Death: The Female Grave in Colonial South Australia, 1836-1936. PhD. Department of Archaeology, Flinders University.

Anson, T. 2004 Bioarchaeology of the St. Mary’s Free Ground Burials: Reconstruction of Colonial South Australian Lifeways. PhD. Department of Anatomical Sciences, University of Adelaide.

Matic, A. 2003 ‘Here lie I because I am poor’ The History and Archaeology of the St. Mary’s Anglican Churchyard Pauper Cemetery. Master of Arts. Department of Archaeology, Flinders University.