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Dr Pam Smith, Professor Donald Pate (Flinders University), Mark Raven, Dr Rob Fitzpatrick (CSIRO Land and Water), Dr Keryn Walshe (South Australian Museum), Dr Soren Blau (Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine)

This is an ongoing collaborative research project initiated by Pam Smith in association with the Kimberley Land Council. It employs methods from forensic soil science, environmental chemistry, forensic anthropology, and forensic archaeology to identify cremated Aboriginal skeletal remains associated with massacre sites in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Project Contact:
For any project queries or for copies of reports and publications please email Pamela Smith

Selected Publications:

Smith, Pamela and Walshe, Keryn. The Conversation: Oral testimony of an Aboriginal massacre now supported by scientific evidence, 31st October 2017

Forensic science exposing Australia’s hidden genocide

Australasian Science, Nov/Dec 2017. Oral testimony of an Aboriginal massacre now supported by scientific evidence.

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Completed Theses:

Natasha Paling 2005 An Assessment of Climate and Decomposition and their Effects on Techniques used to Locate Graves. Bachelor of Archaeology Honours. Department of Archaeology, Flinders University.

Smith, P.A. 2000 Station Camps: The Ethnoarchaeoloogy of Cultural Change and Continuity in the Post-Contact Period in the South-East Kimberley, Western Australia. PhD. Department of Archaeology, Flinders University.