Current Research Higher Degree Students

Our higher degree (PhD, MA), Graduate Masters and Honours programs all reflect the research activities of members of staff and the current research strengths in archaeology at Flinders.

Visit our digital thesis library: Archaeology Research Theses (1990-current)


Susan Arthure
An Archaeological Study of Irish Social Identity in Nineteenth Century South Australia (Baker's Flat)

Catherine Bland
An Assessment of the Development and Extent of Cultural, Political and Economic Influences of External Cultures on the Caleta Vitor Population of Northern Chile via a Multi-method Investigation of the Composition of Pre-Hispanic Ceramics

Cherrie de Leiuen
Ephemeral or Essential? Evaluating the Past and Future for Gender Archaeology

Jon Marshallsay
Changing Landscapes, Changing Meanings. A Study of South Australian War memorials

Julie Mitchell
Materialising the Memory of South Sea Islander Labour in Colonial Queensland

Adrian Mollenmans
An Analysis of the Holocene Coastal Economy on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia via a Case Study at Point Pearce Peninsula/Burgiyana and Adjacent Islands

Julie Mushynsky
The Archaeology of WWII on Saipan

Stephen Muller
‘This Lovely Child so Young and Fair’: Child Memorialisation and the Construction of ‘Childhood’ in the Australian Cemetery Landscape from Colonial Times to the Present.

Bianca Petruzelli

Kellie Pollard
Archaeology of the Long Grass, Darwin

Jana Rogasch
A Dynamic Community in Early Chalcolithic Central Anatolia: Architecture and Identities on the Catalhoyuk West Mound (5900–5800 cal. BC)

David Tutchener
A Study of the Indigenous Archaeology of the Wenlock Goldfields and Surrounding Areas

Chris Wilson
Understanding Change and Continuity in Ngarrindjeri Ruwe/Ruwar: A Critical Indigenist Approach to Interpreting Life Ways within the Lower Murray River, South Australia (PDF 163KB)

Kelly Wiltshire
Connection and Continuity - investigating Ngarrindjeri life ways at Waltowa Wetland (PDF 78KB)  

Master of Arts

Bernadine De Beaux
The Tombs of the Living Dead: A Critical Analysis of the Social Construction of Gender and Space of Ascetic Anchorite Cells in Medieval England and Scotland.