Cultural heritage management is the applied use of archaeological, anthropological, historical and other specialist knowledge to the documentation, conservation and management of heritage sites and objects. 

Cultural heritage management is where most archaeologists find employment and relates to all fields of archaeology, whether Indigenous, historical or maritime. Heritage does not have to be extremely old in order to need management.

Cultural heritage management is essentially the study of the contemporary significance of heritage sites and places and is closely involved with industry and the processes of development in mining and urban planning. The Flinders Graduate Program in Archaeology and Heritage Management has been specifically developed to train graduates in this field.

Dedicated topics in cultural heritage management at Flinders include:

ARCH8018: Introduction to Cultural Heritage Management
ARCH8019: Heritage Management Planning

For more information about studying cultural heritage management at Flinders please contact the lecturers in charge, Dr Daryl Wesley and Dr Alice Gorman.

For enquiries specifically about the Graduate Program in Archaeology and Heritage Management, please contact Dr Daryl Wesley.