Indigenous archaeology in Australia is concerned with the origin of Indigenous peoples, their settlement and movement on this continent, their lifeways, and their cultural and social interaction based on the artefactual record. The archaeology of contact between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is another extremely topical and important field of study, given current issues such as native title and the reconciliation process. The social, ethical and political dimensins of practising Indigenous archaeology with one of the oldest living cultures in the world is a major aspect of the Indigenous archaeology stream.

Dedicated topics in Indigenous archaeology at Flinders include:

ARCH2202: Archaeology of the First Australians
ARCH3204: Archaeology of Native North America
ARCH8405: The Archaeology of Australian Stone Artefacts
ARCH8409: Issues in Australian Rock Art
ARCH8410: Archaeology of the First Australians
ARCH8803: Indigenous Australian Archaeology Field School

For more information about studying Indigenous archaeology at Flinders please contact the lecturers in Indigenous archaeology, Professor Claire Smith, Associate Professor Amy Roberts, Dr Daryl Wesley or Dr Mick Morrison.