Academic Staff Qualifications

Research Interests

Professor Geoff Bailey
BA University of Cambridge, PhD University of Cambridge

Coastal prehistory, shell mounds, submerged landscapes, bioarchaeological analysis of marine molluscs, tectonic geomorphology and landscape reconstruction, archaeological theories of time 

Dr Jonathan Benjamin
Post Graduate and Honours Coordinator
BA University of California Los Angeles, PhD University of Edinburgh

Inundation of terrestrial sites and resulting impacts on hunter-gatherer and early agricultural societies, Pleistocene-Holocene transitions, early human and cultural migrations and applied methodology in maritime and underwater archaeology

Associate Professor Heather Burke
BA (Hons), PhD University of New England

Standing structures, style and social identity; ideology, class, status, gender and capitalism; the frontier and contact; working class archaeology; heritage interpretation and the uses of archaeology; archaeology of the Chinese in Australia; World War II

Dr Alice Gorman
Director of Studies
BA Melbourne, PhD University of New England

Archaeology of space exploration; terrestrial launch sites; cultural heritage management of orbital debris; lithic analysis; flaked bottle glass; body modification; history of anthropology

Dr Ian Moffat
BA, BSc (Hons) University of Queensland, PhD Australian National University

Archaeological geophysics, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, geoarchaeology, site formation processes, geochronology, isotope geochemistry

Dr Mick Morrison
Graduate Programmes Co-ordinator
BA (Hons) James Cook University, PhD Flinders University

Archaeology of Australian gatherer-hunter peoples; coastal archaeology and shell midden analysis; archaeology of cross-cultural engagement; Christian missions and Aboriginal people; Indigenous cultural heritage management; Indigenous land and sea management

Professor Donald Pate
Undergraduate Programme Co-ordinator
BA, BS (Hons) San Diego State, Grad. Cert. Tertiary Ed. Flinders University, MA, PhD Brown University

Archaeological science; archaeological chemistry, palaeodiet; palaeoecology; bio-archaeology; archaeology of Native North America; Australian Indigenous archaeology; modern material culture; anthropological archaeology; behavioral biology; human evolution

Dr Martin Polkinghorne
BA (Hons) Flinders University, PhD University of Sydney

Southeast Asian archaeology; archaeometry; Angkor; Cambodian archaeology; South and southeast Asian temple architecture

Associate Professor Amy Roberts
Head of Department
BA (Hons) Flinders University, Grad. Cert. App Anth. University of Western Australia, PhD Flinders University

Archaeology and anthropology of Indigenous Australia; native title; stone artefact analysis; stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis; the relationship between archaeology and anthropology; Indigenous traditional fishing; Murray and Mallee archaeology and anthropology; Yorke Peninsula archaeology and anthropology

Dr Kleanthis Simirdanis
Master and PhD in Geophysics, Aristotle University

Geophysical methods (Electrical Resistivity Tomographies), archaeological geophysics, maritime archaeology

Professor Claire Smith
BA (Hons), PhD University of New England

Australian Indigenous archaeology; archaeology of art; gender and material culture; the archaeology of contact; archaeological ethics

Professor Mike Smith
BA (Hons), MA, Australian National University, PhD, University of New England

Prehistory and human ecology of Australian deserts, Late Pleistocene archaeology and initial human settlement of Australia, the archaeology of northern Australia and the social and cultural history of traditional Aboriginal societies

Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde
Maritime Graduate Programme Coordinator
BA, University of Amsterdam, PhD, Texas A & M University

Maritime history, maritime trade and shipbuilding in the Mediterranean and northwest Europe, early seventeenth century East Indiamen, Greek and Roman anchors

Dr Ingrid Ward
BSc, University of Newcastle, MSc, MA James Cook University, PhD, University of Wollongong

Geoarchaeology, geochronology, micromorphology, site formation, submerged landscapes, arid zone archaeology

Dr Daryl Wesley
BA, University of Queensland, BA (Hons), Charles Darwin University, PhD, Australian National University

Rock art research, Indigenous Australian archaeology and culture contact studies