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Archaeology Department Handbook 2014.pdf (PDF 1MB)

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Topic Code

Topic & Handbook Title

ARCH1001 ARCH1001 Handbook 2014.pdf (PDF 304KB)
Introduction to Archaeology
ARCH1002   World Archaeology
ARCH1005   Cultural Anthropology
ARCH2106   Field Methods
ARCH2107   Laboratory Methods and Data Analysis
ARCH2108   Cultural Heritage Management
ARCH2202   The Archaeology of Indigenous Australia
ARCH2203 ARCH2203 2014.pdf (PDF 1MB) Australian Historical Artefacts
ARCH2204   Australian Maritime Archaeology
ARCH2205   Human Evolution
ARCH2206   Archaeological Science
ARCH2208   The Museum
ARCH2209   The Archaeology of Art
ARCH3107   Archaeological Theory and Method
ARCH3208   Underwater and Coastal Archaeology
Historical Archaeology Field School
ARCH3309   Maritime Archaeology Field School
ARCH3310   Indigenous Archaeology Field School
ARCH3311   ARCH3311 8810 handbook.pdf (PDF 539KB) Ethnoarchaeology Field School
ARCH3312   Rock Art Field School
ARCH3313   Archaeology in the Field




Honours Thesis
ARCH7010A and B
  Honours Thesis
  Archaeology in Practice
ARCH7012   Communicating Archaeological Research (Archaeology seminar)

Advanced Research Projects 

Post Graduate



ARCH8015   Grants and Sponsorship Proposals
ARCH8016   Successful Tendering
ARCH8017   Cultural Heritage and the Law
ARCH8018   Introduction to Cultural Heritage Management
No PDF available. Materials obtainable from Flexible Delivery Unit only
Heritage Management Planning
ARCH8020 No PDF available.  Materials obtainable from Flexible Delivery Unit only Research Methods in Archaeology
ARCH8150   Maritime Archaeology in Australia
ARCH8151   Coastal and Underwater Archaeology
ARCH8152   Maritime Archaeology Field School
ARCH8153   Issues in Maritime and Underwater Archaeology
ARCH8154   Underwater Cultural Heritage Legislation
ARCH8155   Global Perspectives in Maritime Archaeology
ARCH8156   Advanced Maritime Archaeology Fieldwork Practicum
ARCH8157   Methods in Underwater Archaeology
ARCH8158   Ships: Research, Recording and Reconstruction
ARCH8159   Maritime Archaeology Fieldwork Practicum
ARCH8309A ARCH8309A Handbook 2014.pdf (PDF 409KB) Advanced Research Projects
ARCH8401 ARCH8401 2014.pdf (PDF 323KB) Historical Artefact Analysis
ARCH8402   The Museum
ARCH8403 ARCH8404 8403 Handbook 2014.pdf (PDF 1MB) Directed Study in Cultural Heritage Management
ARCH8404 ARCH8404 8403 Handbook 2014.pdf (PDF 1MB) Directed Study in Archaeology
ARCH8405   The Archaeology of Australian Stone Artefacts
ARCH8406   Issues in Indigenous Heritage Management
ARCH8407   The Archaeology of Art
ARCH8408   Human Osteology
ARCH8409 No PDF available.  Materials obtainable from Flexible Delivery Unit only Issues in Australian Rock Art
ARCH8410   Archaeology of Indigenous Australia
ARCH8506A, B, C   Archaeology Thesis
ARCH8510A, B, C, D   Cultural Heritage Management Research Project
ARCH8518/A   Cultural Heritage Practicum
ARCH8519   Cultural Heritage Internship
ARCH8520A, B, C, D   Maritime Archaeology Thesis
ARCH8801   Archaeological Field Methods
ARCH8802   Conservation Field School
ARCH8803   Indigenous Australian Archaology Field School
ARCH8804   Ethnoarchaeology in Aboriginal Australia Field School
ARCH8805   Australian Rock Art Field School
ARCH8806   Historical Archaeology Field School
ARCH8807   Advanced Archaeology Field School
ARCH8808   Introductory Archaeological Geophysics
ARCH8810 ARCH3311 8810 handbook.pdf (PDF 539KB) Community Archaeology Field School
ARCH8811 ARCH8811 handbook.pdf (PDF 756KB) Rock Art Field School