The Department of Archaeology maintains a wide array of resources to assist students with their studies.  We have a range of surveying, excavation, photographic and computing equipment that is available for students to use both during and outside of class times.  This includes automatic levels, total stations and EDM systems, a magnetometer, side scan sonar, handheld GPS units, differential GPS unit, digital cameras, two-way radios, excavation kits and much, much more!  We also have arrangements in place to borrow specialist equipment held by other areas of the university, such as a differential GPS system from Geography and resistivity surveying equipment from Earth Sciences, and surveying equipent from TAFE.  Other resources for students and researchers include our digital library.


General Resources

Project Resources in other departments at Flinders

Photography resources

Tacheometric/dumpy-level proforma (PDF 108KB)

GPS Proforma (PDF 198KB)


Archaeology Laboratory Policy (PDF 66KB)


Staff and Student Equipment Borrowing Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
For further information on the laboratories, research collections and all equipment borrowing, please contact the Teaching Support Officers (John Naumann or Chantal Wight) on 8201 5533 or via email.

For an updated equipment list, please contact Chantal Wight or John Naumann.

Equipment Policy (PDF 126KB)

Equipment Borrowing Form (PDF 189KB)

Consumable Prices


Library and Research resources

Archaeology theses 1990-current

Additional Teaching and research publications

Archaeology: Library resources

Archaeology web links (for teachers and general interest)

Resources for Students

Archaeology department thesis proposal guidelines: (PDF 314KB)

Sample honours thesis proposals:

Ash.pdf (PDF 204KB) , Baric.pdf (PDF 313KB) , Liebelt.pdf (PDF 257KB) ,

Lister.pdf (PDF 267KB) , Muller.pdf (PDF 215KB) , Paterson.pdf (PDF 216KB) , Rodriguez.pdf (PDF 375KB)

Sample PhD proposals:

C De Leiuen (PDF 377KB) , C De Leiuen 2 (PDF 237KB) , K (PDF 127KB) , Mushynsky PhD proposal (PDF 154KB)

General information for cross-institutional students

Flinders Exchange Program (PDF 842KB)

Field trips

EHLT Field Trip Procedures & Guidelines (DOC 817KB)

EHLT Risk Assessment for field trips (DOC 247KB)