Staff with academic status are adjunct members of staff, who, through their workplace or research interests, support the academic programmes of the department.  Our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes would not be possible without our range of dedicated Industry Partners and academic supporters, all of whom contribute enormously to the capacity and quality of the Department.

Staff with Academic Status

Research Interests

Eleanor Adams
Associate Lecturer
BSc (Hons), MA
University of Adelaide
SA Museum

Human osteology, forensic anthropology, anatomical sciences, museum and curatorial studies

James Bateman
Research Associate
BA (Hons) Flinders University

Archaeological photography, history of archaeological photography, Port Adelaide maritime heritage research

Dr Peter Bell
Research Fellow
BA (Hons) JCU
Historical Research Pty Ltd, Goodwood SA

Historical archaeology, architecture, cultural heritage management, mining, conservation

Robert Bevan


Andrew Collett
BA Adelaide
LLB Adelaide

Aboriginal cultural heritage and the law, native title, stolen generations, Aboriginal deaths in custody

Jillian Comber
Research Fellow
Comber Consultants Pty Limited, Croydon, NSW

Indigenous archaeology, lithic technology, dissonant theory in the context of dispossession, interactions between Aboriginal people and Chinese sojourners, cultural heritage management

Amy Dale
MLitt in Museum and Gallery Studies, University of St Andrews
BA (hons) Anthropology, Durham University


Dr Neale Draper 
Associate Professor
BA (Hons) UQ
MA New Mexico
PhD New Mexico
Australian Cultural Heritage Management, Hindmarsh, South Australia

 Cultural heritage management, Indigenous archaeology and anthropology, native title and Aboriginal studies

Dr Art Durband
Senior Research Fellow
BA, MA Northern Illinois
PhD Tennessee
Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Texas Tech Universty

Physical anthropology, human evolution, human osteology, bioarchaeology, Australia, Southeast Asia

Natalie Franklin
Associate Professor
BA (Hons)  Anthropology (Prehistory), University of Sydney
PhD Archaeology, La Trobe University

Rock Art and Cultural Heritage Management

Ursula Frederick
Research Associate
BA (Hons) ANU

Rock art, modern material culture, contact art, mark-making activities

Gordon Grimwade
Research Fellow

Historical archaeology, archaeology of the Chinese, cultural heritage management, industrial archaeology

Dr Jeremy Haberfield-Short
Research Associate
BA (Hons) Otago University
PhD Southern Cross University
ACHM Pty Ltd
Adelaide SA

Angkor, human environmfental interactions, Northeast Thailand, palaeo-climates

Professor Maciej Henneberg
Adjunct Professor        
MSc (cum laude), PhD, DSc  A. Mickiewicz, FAIBiol                    
Wood Jones Professor of Anatomical and Comparative Anatomy, University of Adelaide

Human evolution, anatomical variation, osteology, palaeodemography, comparative anatomy, palaeopathology

Dr Philip Hughes
Senior Research Fellow
BSc, University of Canterbury
MSc, University of Canterbury

Geoarchaeology, Australia-wide indigenous archaeology, especially in arid Australia, agricultural history in the highlands of PNG

Dr James Hunter
Associate Lecturer
BA, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
MA,University of West Florida
PhD, Flinders University

Maritime Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Conflict Archaeology, Watercraft Abandonment, Spanish Colonial Archaeology, British Colonial Archaeology, Public Archaeology, Archaeological Conservation, Archaeological Visualisation and Illustration, Shipbuilding and Maritime Technology, Post-Medieval Seafaring, Naval History, and Naval Suppression of the Slave Trade.
Gary Jackson
Research Associate
BA (Hons) Adelaide
Cultural heritage management, repatriation, Indigenous archaeology and anthropology                                                                                                                      
Emily Jateff
BA Anthropology/Archaeology, University of West Florida
MMA Maritime Archaeology, Flinders University
Grad. Dip. Gastronomy, University of Adelaide
South Australian Maritime Museum Port AdelaideSA
 Maritime archaeology, screen, media and archaeology, underwater cultural heritage at risk, maritime food and culture, disaster preparedness and response
Dr Bill Jeffery
Senior Research Associate
Amer Khan
Research Associate
BA, BSc Yale
MMA Flinders
Department of Environment and Heritage, Adelaide
Ship construction practices in South Australia,  ship abandonment, underwater conservation and heritage management
Dr Jun Kimura
Adjunct Lecturer
BA, Tokai (Japan)
MMA Flinders
PhD Flinders
Asian Maritime Archaeology, Ship structure and construction, Japanese Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Asian and Pacific regions.
Benjamin Keys
Research Fellow
BArch Flinders University
BArch (Hons) Flinders University
Robin Koch
Associate Lecturer
B.Tech Adelaide University
Surveying, GIS, mapping
Ms Lyn Leader-Elliott
Research Fellow
Cultural heritage management, heritage tourism, World Heritage, museum studies, heritage interpretation, intangible heritage
Justin McCarthy
Research Associate
Austral Archaeology Pty Ltd
Cultural heritage management, historical archaeology, archaeology of the overseas Chinese, urban archaeology, industrial archaeology

Dr Jennifer F. McKinnon
Senior Lecturer
BA University of Florida, MS Florida State University, PhD Florida State University

Maritime archaeology; historical archaeology; cultural heritage management; Spanish colonization and mission systems; ship construction; lifesaving stations and shipwreck shelter hut; World War II

Emeritus Professor Vincent Megaw
Professor Emeritus of Visual Arts and Archaeology
AM, MA, DLitt Edinburgh, FAHA, FSA, FSA Scot, MIFA, FRAI

Archaeology and anthropology of art, archaeology of musical instruments, Australasian prehistory and protohistory, early Celtic art, contemporary Aboriginal art, museology


Ian Moffat 
Research Fellow
BSc (Hons) UQ
PhD Candidate ANU

Archaeological geophysics, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, geoarchaeology, site formation processes, geochronology, isotope geochemistry

Professor George Nicholas
Senior Research Fellow
BA, MA, PhD UMass
Department of Archaeology Simon Fraser University Canada

Indigenous archaeology, cultural and intellectual property rights, decolonisation of theory and practice

David Nutley
Research Fellow
MMA Flinders
GD Curtin
Comber Consultants Pty Limited, Croydon, NSW

Cultural heritage management, museums, underwater cultural heritage

Dr Tim Owen
Senior Research Fellow
BSc (Hons) Leicester
PhD Flinders
Godden Mackay Logan Heritage, Redfern, NSW

Cultural heritage management, Indigenous archaeology, historical archaeology, scientific archaeology, stable isotope analysis, bioarchaeology, archival recording and photography, archaeological surveying and heritage landscape analysis

Dr John Perkins
Research AssociatePhD Bristol


Dr Susan Piddock
Research Associate
BA (Hons), MA, PhD Flinders

The archaeology of institutions, houses, disease and health, documentary and historical archaeology, finds analysis and burial practices
Mark Polzer
Research Associate
BS Texas A&M University
MA Texas A&M University
Research Interests: Seafaring and maritime trade in the ancient world; Phoenician and Greek colonization; cultural contacts; ship construction and the development and transference of maritime technology; iconography

Jason Raupp
Research Fellow
BA Northwestern State
MA West Florida

Maritime archaeology, historical archaeology, contact rock art

Dr Nathan Richards
Research Fellow
BA (Hons) Flinders
PhD Flinders
Maritime Heritage Program
UNC-Coastal Studies Institute
Wanchese, NC, USA; and,
Program in Maritime Studies
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC, USA

Maritime archaeology, archaeological theory and method, history of technology, cultural resources mfanagement

Vicki Richards
Research Fellow
BAppSc (Hons) Curtin
MPhil Murdoch
Western Australia Museum
Perth, WA

Shipwreck conservation, materials conservation

Dr Malcolm Ridges
Research Fellow
BSc (Hons) UNE
Culture and Heritage Division
Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW)

Indigenous heritage values, land use change mapping, GIS modelling,  predictive modelling
Dr Ines Domingo Sanz
Research Fellow
BA Universitat de València
PhD Universitat de València
Rock art, archaeology, ethnoarchaeology

Dr Deb Shefi
Research Associate
MA Flinders
PhD Flinders

Maritime archaeology, in-situ preservation, underwater cultural heritage management
Jason Shute
Associate Lecturer
GRSM, ARCH (Hons) 
Historical South Afustralia and the development of the copper industry and key South Australians

Cheryl Simpson
BA (Hons) LaTrobe
MA (Crim) LaTrobe

Protecting cultural property, sumptuary law, dress code regulation, art theft, human rights, social justice

Dr Pam Smith
Senior Research Associate
BA (Hons) Adelaide
Grad Dip Archaeol Flinders
PhD Flinders

Historical archaeology (European and Indigenous), cultural heritage management, archaeobotany; interpretations of cultural landscapes

Associate Professor Mark Staniforth
BSc Murdoch
Grad Cert Tertiary Ed Flinders University
Grad Dip Maritime Arch Curtin
MA University of Sydney
PhD Flinders University

Historical archaeology; maritime archaeology; underwater cultural heritage issues; museum studies 

Dr Lynley Wallis
Senior Research Associate
BA (Hons) UWA, PhD ANU
Wallis Heritage Consulting, SA

Indigenous archaeology, archaeological science, cultural heritage management, phytolith studies

Dr Keryn Walshe
Senior Research Fellow, SA Museum
Grad Cert TertEd Flinders
Principal Researcher, Archaeology.
South Australian Museum, Adelaide, SA

Indigenous Australian archaeology, faunal analysis, taphonomy, museum studies, cultural heritage management

Dr. Alan Watchman
Adjunct Senior Lecturer
BSc(Hons) Adelaide
MSc Hons Wollongong
PhD Canberra

Rock Art conservation, management and dating, Geoarchaeology, sourcing studies


Daryl Wesley
Research Associate
BA(Hons) CDU
Earth Sea Heritage Surveys, Darwin, NT

Cultural heritage management, Australian archaeology