The Bachelor of Archaeology may be combined with a range of Science degrees so that a student achieves two undergraduate degrees within a 4 year period (full-time enrolment basis). These combined degrees have been structured to provide students with a broader education with an expanded skills set that will improve employment opportunities in a range of specialised areas related to archaeological practice.

Below find links to enrolment templates for the various Science degrees combined with the Bachelor of Archaeology:

Bachelor of Applied Geographical Information Systems

Bachelor of Science (Biodiversity and Conservation- Vertebrate Palaeontology)

Bachelor of Science (Coasts and Oceans)

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)

Bachelor of Science (Forensic and Analytical Science- Biology)

Bachelor of Science (Forensic and Analytical Science- Chemistry)

Bachelor of Science (Geography)

Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology)

If you are currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Archaeology or one of the Science degrees, see the link below regarding internal Flinders University application to include both degrees in your program. For example, if you are already in the Bachelor of Archaeology and want to take up the combined degree with Marine Biology, then you would just need to apply for the BSc (Marine Biology).