The Bachelor of Archaeology program provides students with a combination of hands-on practical experience and essential theoretical depth. Fieldwork is an essential component of the teaching program at all levels of study, complemented by a wide range of skills in laboratory analysis, artefact interpretation and cultural heritage management. 

Students enrolled in the degree of Bachelor of Archaeology study three years full-time. The Honours degree takes an additional year full-time. Part-time study is also an option and it is possible to change between full and part-time study. Application for entry is made through SATAC by 30 September of the preceding year.

The Bachelor of Archaeology degree draws upon the expertise of staff from Flinders University and the University of Adelaide. Through this unique co-operative venture, and building on a common core of topics offered primarily within the Flinders University Department of Archaeology, students may tailor their degree to include topics from one or more of the following specialist areas: Human Evolution, Ancient Civilisations, Maritime Archaeology, Historical Archaeology and Indigenous Archaeology. Elective topics provided by the University of Adelaide require students to attend classes on campus at that institution.

The 9 elective topics in the Bachelor of Archaeology provide a flexible structure which allows students to focus on different areas of interest. A range of Streams offer guidance in relation to elective topic choice.

In order to prepare potential archaeologists for a professional career there is a particular emphasis on practical and methodological aspects of archaeology throughout the three year degree, regardless of which specialisation you might be interested in. Further participation in external - often voluntary - projects is encouraged.

Flinders also has exchange programs with many overseas institutions, including the University of Leicester, the University of California, Simon Fraser University, University College London and the University of New Mexico, so there is an opportunity for archaeology students in their second or third years to study abroad for at least one semester.


Archaeology Handbook - 2018 (PDF 861KB)

Bachelor of Archaeology Enrolment Information 2018.pdf (PDF 2MB)