There is a wide range of topics in a variety of disciplines in the University focused on the study of Australia. Australian Studies is a versatile cross-disciplinary program that can be taken as a major or minor sequence in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

The Flinders University Australian Studies Program is the most comprehensive in South Australia and one of the most extensive in Australia. It offers students the opportunity to study Australian society and culture through a wide range of topics in a variety of awards.

Australian Studies has a continuing and important relationship with Indigenous Studies.

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Honours - Australian Studies


Why study Australian Studies?

There is a demonstrated need for employees in both the private and public sectors to demonstrate knowledge of events and issues affecting Australia, in both the domestic and international spheres. There is an equally demonstrated need in a broad range of professional contexts for cultural awareness about issues relating to Indigenous Australians. The print and electronic media require informed and articulate analysts and advocates. Government and the public service are in need of employees who understand a complex, multicultural society. In addition, Australian Studies topics offer an essential dimension for students undertaking related studies in International Tourism.

As an area of specialisation with general relevance, Australian Studies offers much to those who wish to make connections between life in contemporary Australia, the region and the wider world.