In recent years the Australian Studies Programme has proved increasingly attractive to Study Abroad students.

At least half of each new intake of Study Abroad students takes one of the foundation topics in the Programme. A significant proportion add to this upper level specialist topics from one or more of the fifteen contributing disciplines or areas of study.

This means that overseas students and the Australian Studies Programme have a significant impact on each other.

Australian Studies core classes are therefore an important meeting place for a range of ideas, approaches, cultures and disciplines and a venue for cross-cultural comparison.

Students observe that the Programme provides them with a context for their lived as well as academic experience of Australia. Programme offerings dovetail neatly with their other major areas of academic endeavour.

The program also offers fieldwork and some off-campus teaching experience which further enhances studies.

Exchange Programmes and Studying Abroad

Flinders University has established a number of exchange programmes around the world to enable Australian students to experience study and life in other cultures. Flinders University students can now choose to study for one or two semesters in a number of world-class universities in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Argentina and Singapore. There are no tuition fees above HECS for the exchange programme, and eligibility for AUSTUDY continues for the period of the exchange. To assist students applying for an exchange, the University also offers a number of $1000 scholarships each year. For further information contact the International Centre on 8201 2727 or email or visit the web site.