Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Honours programs allow students who have achieved a high standard of work in their degree to undertake specialised studies at a more advanced level, while also gaining related skills in research methods and critical analysis.

For students who wish to continue their studies beyond BA level, honours can be very rewarding, both personally and professionally. An honours degree is highly regarded by employers and in some cases is a prerequisite; it also is a necessary qualification if you wish to move on to postgraduate research work.

Honours programs require 36 units of study over one year or the part-time equivalent. They normally involve study in only one area, but joint programs involving study in two areas can be negotiated if approval is granted by the heads of both academic departments. At least 12 units must been drawn from each area.

For further information, contact the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences College Office.

Some BA programs include automatic admission to honours for eligible students, who are invited to enrol in the honours program by letter. This normally is received in late December of early January. Students not admitted through automatic entry should complete the e-Application (refer to the Bachelor-entry Honours webpage for more information).

Refer to the course rule covering honours programs and the program of study in each available area.