What does a Bachelor of Arts at Flinders offer?

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is one of the most popular degrees at many universities around the world, with good reason.

The BA produces flexible, literate and independent graduates, who are equipped with transferable skills highly valued in a wide range of jobs and industries.

There are several excellent reasons to study Arts at Flinders:


The Flinders Bachelor of Arts (BA) offers 23 majors and a further 7 minors for you to choose from, focussing on the strengths at Flinders.  Areas of study available include:

  • English and Creative Writing
  • Politics
  • Creative Arts
  • International Relations
  • Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
  • History
  • Languages
  • Sociology

Plus many more options!

The Flinders BA spans three Faculties of the University, including Education, Humanities and Law, Science and Engineering and Social and Behavioural Sciences.


Our BA allows you to complete one or two majors within a degree. At Flinders, about two thirds of BA students complete two majors, while those students interested in a single major may devote the majority of their electives to a single field of study.


The Flinders BA includes many majors and minors that are unique in South Australia.

These include:

  • Drama
  • Legal Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Italian
  • Indonesian
  • Modern Greek
  • Archaeology (minor only)

You can also study a Science minor in the BA, with options of study from Biology, Environmental Sciences and Geography.

If you appreciate that arts and science have a substantial amount to offer each other, the Bachelor of Arts and Science degree, which is a new offering for 2016 may appeal to you.


Further information

For a complete overview of the BA, including information on how to apply, refer to the Bachelor of Arts course information page.