Centre for Crime Policy and Research (CCPR)

CCPR is a leading research centre based at Flinders University that provides high quality research and policy advice to the community on crime and the justice system.

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Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology


The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology is one of the world`s longest-running criminology journals, having been established in 1968. 

It is a leading international peer-reviewed journal for criminological research. The journal is dedicated to advancing research and debate on a range of criminological problems and embraces diverse, methodological approaches, being home to a wide range of criminological and, interdisciplinary work in the field of crime and criminal justice.

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Contact us

If you are interested in partnering with CCPR or would like more information, please contact:

Professor Andrew Goldsmith
Director of CCPR and Strategic Professor of Criminology at Flinders University
P: + 61 8 8201 3114
E: andrew.goldsmith@flinders.edu.au

 Deb McBratney, Administration Officer  

P: +61 8 8201 3307  E: deb.mcbratney@flinders.edu.au

Partner with us

CCPR’s research is of great value to the community and those we collaborate with including researchers, government agencies, the private sector and the media. We offer a range of exciting opportunities to partner with us including:

  • Funding or co-funding applied research
  • Providing in-kind support
  • Consultancies
  • Collaborative research projects
  • Sponsorship