“Ageing in a Foreign Land enlightens and inspires, constantly renewing vast landscapes of journeys travelled and those who travel with.  Whether separated from the mainstream, or existing in a parallel but complementary dynamic, no one is impervious to ageing. The degree to which we recognise, respect, and embrace the value of that which is foreign, exotic or alien, connects and enriches the kaleidoscope of all cultures, all communities, and our humanity. I am proud to be a part of Ageing in a Foreign Land, and continue to travel on this important journey”.                                                                          

       Professor Michael Tsianikas, Ageing in a Foreign Land, Conference Convenor    


Advisory Committee

Agnieszka Chudecka, Business Manager, Multicultural Aged Care Inc. SA

Rosa Colanero OAM,  CEO, Multicultural Aged Care Inc. SA

Lui Di Venuto, SA President of the Australian Association of Gerontology

Dr Briony Dow, Director of Health Promotion, National Ageing Research Institute  

Betty Haralambous, National Ageing Research Institute

Assoc. Prof. Ann Harrington Assoc Prof Health Care for Older Persons, Flinders University

Helena Kyriazopoulos, President of the Multicultural Communities Council of SA

Mary Patetsos Chair, Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia

Layla Plummer, Flinders University

Dr Maria Shialis, City of Onkaparinga

Dr Susannah Sage-Jacobson, Ageing and Society Group, Flinders University

Professor Michael Tsianikas, Flinders University

Maria Vlachoulis, Senior Policy Officer, Office for the Ageing 


Organising Committee

Professor Michael Tsianikas Conference Convenor    
Layla Plummer Conference Coordinator, Flinders University
Dr Maria Palaktsoglou Director of Studies, Flinders University
Antonios Litinas Lecturer, Flinders University