The Flinders Drama Centre acting course is unique in Australia because it integrates the skill-based teaching of a drama school with the conceptual and analytical skills of a university. At Flinders there is no artificial separation between the body and mind, emotion and intellect. Our degree programs prepare our graduates to be creative, articulate and adaptable artists in whatever area they work. Unlike many other acting courses in Australia, the Drama Centre places equal emphasis on screen and theatre acting.And for more than twenty-five years, former Flinders Drama students have made impressive contributions to Australian film, theatre and television. Among our graduates are winners of Australian Film Institute Best Actor and Actress awards, the New York Best Newcomer Award, Green Room Awards, South Australian Critics’ Circle Awards, and the Jill Blewitt Playwright prize. We even have an Academy Award nominee. Flinders graduates can be found throughout the performing and media arts in Australia, working successfully as writers, performers, directors, administrators and commentators.


The Drama Centre course is taught over four years, with each year divided into two semesters and three production blocks. During the semesters, students study performance techniques and theories; in the productions they put this knowledge into practice.

In each year we clearly define aims and objectives.