The Discipline of Education at Flinders University is part of a global community of learners. Scholars, teachers, researchers and administrators, model and advocate critical and humanistic concerns within education and teacher education.

Core Business

The core business of the College is the advancement, preservation and construction of knowledge:

  • Providing high quality teaching and learning
  • Undertaking internationally recognised research and scholarship
  • Serving communities and the public interests.

Our core business is underpinned by three interrelated commitments:


 We are a community where:

  • humane and trusting interpersonal and organisational relationships are modelled and essential to the our growth
  • educational programs explicitly contribute to the holistic formation (knowledge, understanding, skills, dispositions) and lifelong learning of students for vocational endeavour
  • academics are trusted to use their expertise to create new opportunities for research, teaching and consultancy
  • vibrant, generous reciprocal relationships exist with our communities, including consultancy and site-based participatory research
  • our credibility is seen in our graduates, alumni, scholarship, teaching and research as well as our engagement with communities locally and globally
  • research, teaching, and administrative endeavour creatively extends our critical discourse across educational disciplines, sectors and beyond
  • academic endeavour grows, evolves and engenders critical mass that shapes future endeavours
  • educational programs are regularly critiqued in terms of the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of our practice, such that liberal and professional educational imperatives remain in a dialogic tension
  • administrative, pedagogical and leadership practices experienced by students, staff and communities show transparency, representation, and an ethic of care
  • educational pursuit advances an equitable, humanistic and sustainability agenda personally, collectively, locally and internationally.