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Please download the Guidelines for Teachers Claiming Payment 2015 to assist you in submitting your claim for payment.

Guidelines for Teacher Payments 2015 (PDF 133KB)

Mentor Teacher Claim   (DOCX 50KB)

Coordinator Claim   (DOCX 46KB)

Student Teacher Supervision Notification Form (DOCX 43KB)

Invoice Example   (DOC 32KB)

Right to Waiver  (DOCX 29KB)

For assistance in submitting your claim for payment please contact Sally Cole from the Professional Experience Office at   


DECD Schools and Sites

From 28th April 2014 the claim forms VL602L & VL603 will no longer be accepted by payroll services.

You are now able to utilise the new on-line claiming system which will allow you to directly enter your claim for supervision and/or coordination.  This system will ensure that you are able to claim when supervision is completed so that you are able to receive your payment as quickly as possible.    

Fact sheets and further information on the new system can be found at the DECD Intranet at the following link:

The contact person for all enquiries and further support is:

Danielle Tomney, Program Administrator, Workforce Development, HR & WD
Department for Education and Child Development
Telephone: 8226 6638

Danielle is keen to assist  you in submitting your claim either over the telephone or via email, whichever best suits your particular needs.