Requirements for Placement


Placements will not commence unless you have shown evidence of the following:


1. Child Related Employment Screening (DCSI Clearance):

A DCSI clearance letter for Child Related Employment Screening (CRES)


2. Current training certificate:

a) Promoting Safety & Wellbeing: Induction for tertiary students working with children and young people in education and care sites


b) Responding to Abuse & Neglect - Education and Care (RAN-EC)
    Please note that Master of Teaching students are required to obtain a certificate in (b) above.


3. Obtain a Name Badge:

All pre-service teachers from the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work are required to wear a name badge during their Professional Experience.


Pre-Service Teacher badges are issued by Unicard: go to the Unicard office, Level 1 Central Library (main campus, one level up from Flinders Connect) with the following:


  • Student ID card (Pre-service teacher badges are not issued without this ID)
  • $4.40 for the cost of the badge. Unicard is cashless, there is a machine next to the office where you add credit onto your student ID card, the machine does not give change.


4. Early Childhood Only - Obtain Necessary Permissions

Some sites will require you to get permission from a parent or caregiver if you are to observe children closely, or take any photos or video of them. We have prepared a standard letter for you, on Flinders University Letterhead, to allow you to seek permission formally from families about observing their children. Remember that you are still obliged professionally and ethically to treat all your observations as confidentially as possible. We particularly draw your attention to the requirement that none of this material identifying children is ever posted on social media.

Permission Letter to Observe Children on Site (DOCX 256KB)

For all professional experience enquiries, please refer to the Staff Contacts page and contact your Placement Officer via email.

Thank you

Professional Experience Unit