Research & Development

Extended Rural Professional Practicum

The initiative of introducing an extended rural professional practicum for teachers has started. Seven student teachers are in the Riverland, and one in the South East. Research is now being developed that will have a basis for impacting state and national teacher education professional practicum policies and funding. 

Implementing the National Curriculum

A survey was sent nationally to Principals of rural and remote schools focusing on the implementation of a national curriculum. Data has been collected, analysed and written as a report.

National Mapping of Rural Educational Leadership

The national mapping of rural educational leadership, in partnership with the Australian Primary Principals Association and the Australian Secondary Principals Association, aims to discover what can be done to make rural educational leadership an attractive career option.


Rural Education and Communities Mapping


In 2010, six country shows were the place of data collection to map the ‘state of thinking/ state of play' of rural people regarding community, education and related matters. Data is being analysed.


Youth Project

Further reviews of relevant literature and research reports are being done relating to conducting a national survey of youth to map their understandings of rural contexts and communities.



"Vibrant, productive rural communities are integral to the long-term sustainability of Australia."