The "Visualising Language Learning" Conference, held on Friday, April 4, at Flinders University was an energising event with over 100 interested pedagogues in attendance. Members of the Magenta Fler Group, School of Education, who hosted the event, were joined by colleagues from Languages in the School of Humanities. The conference was a memorable way to celebrate the 2008, UN International Year of Languages.

Special acknowledgements to:

  • Uncle Lewis O'Brien for his warm welcome and much valued participation.
  • Professor Michael Clyne from the University of Melbourne for his inspiring commitment to Languages in Australia and his outstanding key note address.
  • Ms Kathy Cleeves (DECS) for her insightful contribution to the panel discussion.
  • Yuan Jiali and Ning for sharing intercultural news of the Beijing Olympics and for providing us with the photos currently available for viewing on this website.
  • All the teachers and pre service teachers from Adelaide and beyond who were inspirational participants in the day's events.
  • The pre service teachers who provided a warm welcome to guests and generated new ways of understanding during the panel discussion.
  • Our colleagues from DECS, MLTASA, the School of Languages, Ethnic and Independent Schools, CESA, UniSA and the University of Adelaide for their support on the day.
  • The Languages Education Research Group — Mike Lawson, Mirella Wyra, Carmen de Miguel, Kate Berniz and Cui Rong for their splendid participation on the day.
  • Alain Valodze for his memorable musical recital.
  • Daniel Rossetto for being an interested and generous sponsor.
  • Professor Mike Lawson who has been an inspiration throughout.
  • Professor Bob Conway for his interest and support on the day.
  • Associate Professor Kay Whitehead for her encouragement and support.
  • The ASRI team: Director, Mike Lawson, RDO Polly Holmes and RA Margaret Ravesteyn – this conference was only possible because of their tireless support and encouragement.
  • Kane Ploenges for his invaluable technical assistance.
  • The Public Affairs and Alumni Office for the excellent venue.
  • Dr Marietta Rossetto for Magenta Fler.

Audio Files and Powerpoint Files from the Conference

Professor Michael Clyne — “Overcoming the Hurdle of Monolinguism”


Dr Marietta Rossetto — “I Can't Believe They Didn't Use a Dictionary!”


Ms Mirella Wyra — “Can an Ape Help a Child Learn Vocabulary”


Ms Kate Berniz — “Students' Voices: The possibility of a critical pedagogy and empowering effects on student motivation”


Professor Mike Lawson — “Should I be a constructivist language teacher?”


Ms Carmen de Miguel — “ZOOM! A language immersion experience”